Thanksgiving in New Hampshire – how to spend it?

Thanksgiving is one of the most famous holidays in the world even though we in the United States are the only ones celebrating it. It is the day of recollection and remembrance. It is the day we should spend with our families and why we should learn to appreciate everything we have. Since it is such a huge holiday, it is not really surprising that there are so many different things one can see, hear or do on Thanksgiving Day. Spending Thanksgiving in New Hampshire specifically can be a really special experience. Whether you have just moved here with the help of movers North Hampton NH offers, or you are a tourist, there are many options here. That is why we have prepared a shortlist of our favorite experiences with NH Thanksgiving this year.

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New Hampshire has a lot to offer for tourists and locals alike

For a nice Thanksgiving in New Hampshire, go to Peterborough

If you want to spend the holiday in a nice, cozy atmosphere in New Hampshire, Peterborough is one of the best options. It is a super cute town that has a lot of amazing things to offer. You can find this small town close to Mount Monadnock. The mountain is 3,166 feet high and as such represents the perfect frame for lovely holiday scenery. However, it is more than that. There are trails on it that are suitable for hikers of all ages. Entire families go climbing over the day only to come back and have the traditional family dinner together. In 2019, it was one of the most popular choices for Preferred Movers NH!

Want to go to a nice restaurant?

The Common Man restaurants are the answer to your quest. You can find them in Concord, Claremont, Windham. Also worth visiting are the Foster’s Boiler Room in Plymouth and the famous Lakehouse in Meredith. Each of these places offered a special buffet on Thanksgiving Day and probably will for other holidays too. They are all places that offer a wide variety of meals and other services. If you are eager to spend a day with your loved ones outside of the home, but still in a warm atmosphere, then these are options for you to choose from. The menus are always tailored specifically for the holiday, so you do not have to worry about not having the traditional food.

Spending Thanksgiving in New Hampshire is always a great idea
There are many ways to spend Thanksgiving in New Hampshire

Do you want a more luxurious Thanksgiving in New Hampshire?

If you are interested in a more high-level Thanksgiving celebration, then go to Bretton Woods to Onni Mount Washington Resort. Throughout the Thanksgiving Celebration weekend, there were family activities that everybody can enjoy. From turkey trot and flag football to various crafts and even a visit from Santa. The Thanksgiving buffet feast was the highlight here, as the food is beyond amazing while keeping the traditional tone. Moving to the area is quite a common occurrence in the last few years, and even pool table movers NH have their hands full. This is in part due to the amazing quality of the establishments in the area such as Onni Mount Washington Resort. It comes highly recommended based on our experiences this year!