Terms and Conditions

Preferred Movers, LLC

136 Lafayette Road; P.O. Box 462; North Hampton, NH 03862

Phone: 603.379.2272 Fax: 603.964.6191


Terms and Conditions

  • Shuttle or Transfers – Charges may apply if a truck or trailer cannot access the residence at origin or destination. We will use a smaller truck to transfer house hold good items to compete the move.
  •  Preferred Movers will not accept responsibility for documents, money, jewelry or any articles of extraordinary value. (These need to be moved by customer)
  •  Preferred Movers will not take any Liquors, Liquids or Flammables. All gas needs to be drained.
  •  Preferred Movers will not take responsible for particleboard/press board furniture, plants, three-piece lamps, lampshades or light bulbs.
  • Preferred Movers will not accept responsibility for contents of a box or other containers that it did not pack professionally.
  • Pictures, mirrors & any glass items must be boxed by Preferred Movers or customer. If not boxed by Preferred Movers, we will not be responsible for these items.
  • Flat Screen TV’s & Computer Monitors must be in original box or packed by Preferred Movers.
  • Firearms & ammunition will not be accepted for moving.
  • All Mattresses must be bagged by the customer or Preferred Movers. If not bagged by Preferred Movers, we will not be responsible for any damage to them.
  • Preferred Movers is not responsible for any electrical or mechanical derangement to any appliance, instrument, clock, computer or other equipment unless there is evidence of related external damage.
  •  Preferred Movers DOES NOT accept Personal Checks. Payments may be made by Certified Check, Company Check, Money Order, Bank Check, Cash or Credit Card (3% handling fee)


Local Moving Long Distance Moving
No deposit required
Hourly minimum surcharge apply.
No deposit required, 50% of estimate is due at pickup
Payment in full is due upon completion of your move. Final amount will be determined on actual weight and mileage.
Remaining balance is due upon Delivery.


Delivery spread is 3-12 days from



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