Guide to moving large appliances long distance

Guide to moving large appliances long distance

Are you moving long distance soon, but you’re not quite sure how to tackle moving large appliances? Preferred Movers are here to help you with the matter! Moving large appliances long distance doesn’t really differ from moving them locally. In

Guide to packing silverware when moving house

Are you moving soon, but you’re not sure how to pack some of the items? Packing silverware when moving often confuses people, because the forks and knives aren’t fragile, but they can be easily scratched sometimes. That’s why Preferred Movers

How to pack and move an outdoor playset

Every family knows that moving with children is truly a challenge. There are more tasks on your moving checklist than usual, and you also need to take care of them every day during your moving process. One way to make

How to safely move lamps and lampshades

When you’re moving to a new home, you have to bring everything with you. Packing all your belongings and transferring them to a new location seems easy at the beginning, but it’s actually more complex. You have to take a

Essential tips for moving a piano safely

Moving bulky and heavy objects requires a lot of thought and attention. For instance, some of these are your kitchen appliances, washer, dryer, and if you own one, a piano. In order to stay safe during transport to your new