The best ways to store kitchen appliances

The best ways to store kitchen appliances

At first, you probably started by just having something like a toaster. Then came the waffle maker, food processor, etc. Your kitchen cabinets are probably overflowing with kitchen appliances at this point. No one blames you, they are useful and

How to find storage when moving on short notice

Having enough space for your belongings is one of the things that you need to think about when looking for a new office or for a new house to move to. Sometimes, simply, it can turn out that you may

Top reasons to rent short term storage when moving or renovating

Not everyone rent short term storage when moving or renovating for the same reasons. Some reasons include reducing the clutter in the home and having a short-term solution when you are relocating. Regardless of why you are renting a storage unit,

Items that should be kept in climate controlled storage

When you decide to move, you will have to take most of your items with you. From your old home to the new one, your belongings are probably going to make a stop for some time in a storage unit,

Guide to storing heat sensitive items

Storage is your best friend during the process of moving. Extremely high heat? Not so much, since it can seriously damage or even ruin your prized possessions. Make sure to have this factor in mind when moving from or to