Summer Moving Tips

Summer time is one of the more popular times to move for most people. This is because the weather is nice and the only restriction to slow the process is traffic. Even though the conditions are perfect for moving, there are some things that you should take into consideration while starting the moving process. These tips will make sure that the high temperature conditions do not hinder any part of the moving process.

  • Hydration – The most important tip that should go without saying. Moving uses a lot of energy, strain, lifting and effort. Add in the high temperatures and humidity of summer and if you are not hydrating yourself, things could turn for the worst. From heat strokes, to passing out from dehydration, a number of things could intentionally happen. Make sure you have water around you at all times during the move and to take breaks when needed. You have the whole day to move, so do not try to get it all done within a certain time period.
  • Clothing – With summer comes the sun, heat and humidity. Moving and lifting things in high temperatures is bad in it of itself. Wearing dark or heavy clothing could make moving a nightmare. Make sure you wear light clothing, maybe a white shirt to reflect the sun and its heat. In addition, make sure you wear plenty of sun screen to avoid sunburns. Always remember to take a break when needed if you are feeling over heated.
  • AC – Avoid moving things from a hot and muggy outside setting to a hot and muggy inside when moving things to a new home. Make sure you turn on the AC of the new apartment or house as soon as you get there or before you leave your old home. That way while you are moving things from outside, you will enter a cool house. This will help you retain energy as your body is not sweating all your energy out from the heat.
  • Timing – Timing is key to any move, especially in the summer. The kids are out of school, parents and business people are taking vacations. With this in mind, the roads will be very busy, so plan accordingly when you move, no matter local or long distance. The beginning and ending of the summer months are always the busiest. Whether it is people leaving or returning from vacation or everyone picking those times to move. Moving in the middle of the month is the best time to move as you will avoid any setbacks.
  • Packing – When packing, have everything in your labeled boxes ready to go. However, keep in mind of items that can be damaged because of the rising temperatures. CDs and DVDs may warp in the heat, candles can melt, and some items can end up being sticky. When moving, make sure to get the heat sensitive items in your new destination first to avoid any damage that may come from the summer heat.

Following these quick tips will assure you a better move during the summer. If you would like to have our trusted moving service help you with your move contact us today!