Studio/Large Upright Piano Moving Tips

Just like with spinet pianos, studio or large upright pianos are most common in residential homes and can be a struggle to move. We recommend contacting a professional for piano moves as their weight and unique size can make things difficult. Below are some tips on how to move an upright piano that will ensure you do not damage yourself or the piano.

Know Your Piano

Just like with any furniture or piano move, you have to have information on the piece in question. That way you can get the right enough help and make sure you can move it with ease. Studio or upright pianos are both normally 58 inches wide with a few differences in weight and height. A studio piano weighs between 400 and 600 pounds and about 4 feet high. An upright piano can weigh as much as half a ton and has a height of about five feet tall.

Plan Your Route

Planning your route when moving a piano is one of the most important steps to complete before the actual move. This allows you to move items out of the way, and lets you know that your piano will fit through the doors after measuring them. This way, your trip to the moving truck will be as smooth as possible. In addition to have a clear path to your moving truck with a ramp ready, make sure the movers are equipped properly. Having thick leather work gloves to lift the piano and, if possible, thick weightlifting support belts. These belts will assist with supporting the weight of the piano and prevent back pain.

Prepare The Piano

Unlike the spinet piano, studio and upright piano are too top heavy to move with out the risk of tilting. With this in mind, have a dolly handy to place the piano on. This not only will prevent tilting, but will make moving the piano even easier. After you wrap the piano with protective blankets and tape down the blankets prepare the dolly to load the piano onto the dolly. To do this, move the dolly to one end of the piano and gently lean it back onto the dolly. You want to make sure you have as much help as possible. As you are tipping the piano back, make sure your crew is there to support the weight so weight is distributed evenly as well as watching for any tilts with the piano’s top heaviness.

Moving The Piano

Even on the dolly, you want to make you push the dolly slowly and carefully. If anyone feels any unbalance in the piano and dolly yell “STOP!” and reset yourselves. Chances are, that you won’t be able to get the dolly and piano through the door. This requires you to gently lift the piano off the dolly, then get the dolly through the door, lift the piano through the door and back on the dolly. From there, using the ramp, you can easily load the piano onto the moving truck.

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