Spinet Piano Moving Tips

One of the hardest things to move in your home when moving is a piano. These elegant musical instruments sound beautiful but are bulky and heavy, which is a nightmare for most people when thinking about moving. However, we have a couple of moving tips for those that possess pianos in their home. Out of all of the pianos in the world, the most common pianos you will find in a home are a spinet piano and a studio or large upright piano. In this article, we will go discuss tips on how to move a spinet piano.

Know Your Piano

Out of the two common pianos found in a home, a spinet piano is the smaller of the two. Spinet pianos are not very tall, as they are about 3 feet tall, and they are generally 58 inches long. Even with their small size, in comparison to other pianos, these pianos tend to weight at least 300 pounds. Just like with other pianos, their weight is the main reason why so many struggle moving them.

Plan Your Route

No matter what type of furniture you are moving, you want to make sure you have a plan of action of how to get it from point A to point B. This is especially true for piano moves as their bulky size and weight make it harder to move than other belongings. Use a measuring tape to make sure your spinet piano will fit through every door or opening you plan to move it through. If you are moving the piano into a moving truck, make sure any moving ramps are prepared and doors open. Moving your piano first before other furniture is your best bet as you will have more room to maneuver the piano to your desired destination. When moving pianos, keep in mind that you should have one person per 100 pounds. Knowing this, having more people is always better as they can support the weight of the piano and help you move the piano safely through your desired route.

Prepare The Piano

The number one rule when it comes to moving is safety. This applies to both the movers and the items you are moving. When preparing a spinet piano for a safe move, make sure you follow these steps to prevent any scuffing or marks while moving.

  • Lock down the spinet’s lid and keyboard lid (if available).
  • Wrap the piano in thick blankets or moving blankets.
  • Use packing tape to secure the blankets around the piano so they don’t fall of during the move.

Move The Piano

What makes a spinet a more easier piano to move is it’s love profile. Make sure who ever is helping you move this instrument lifts from a different part of the piano. Lift from underneath the body of the piano and walk in small measured steps. An important thing to keep in mind is to always stop to reset your grip after a couple of feet. Do not try to move too much with out stopping to resetting. It is always better to have a safe moving experience with not damage to the piano then trying to shortcut it and running the risk of damaging the piano.

Although these tips are very helpful for any piano move, we recommend hiring a moving professional. This will ensure all of your belongings and piano will not get damaged. Call today for a free estimate!