Smart real estate investments in Maine

If you want to make a smart real estate investment, you need to pick the right market. This is all the easier when you narrow your choices to one single state. If you have your mind set on Maine, you’re in luck, because we’re here to discuss the real estate investments of this state. In recent times, Maine has seen an increase in the number of people visiting it. This influx brings with it a high demand for rental homes, Airbnb’s, and other various types of housing options. Due to this fact, it isn’t a bad idea to contact long distance movers in Maine, and secure yourself a lovely home. Thanks to all of these factors, home values are rising, making it the perfect setting for home renovators and house-flippers. There are many choices of location, and we will tell you about a few top real estate investments in Maine.

block of houses in Maine
The state of Maine is full of excellent real estate opportunities

Brunswick, a cozy college town with so much to offer

Home to Bowdoin College, Brunswick attracts many students looking for a place to rent. Aside from education, people are attracted to the town because of its vibrant colors and many year-round activities. The town is full of new restaurants, shopping malls, and museums, which make it an even more desirable place to live in. Regardless if you’re a student looking for education, or you’re looking for a beautiful town to settle in, with Preferred Movers NH your move to Brunswick will be flawless. Because of the attractions and activities the town offers, Airbnb’s are moderately successful, earning around $4000 per month. Providing affordable housing to college students does seem to be a more profitable market, however. The average value of a property is around $380.000, making it one of the highest real estate investments in Maine.

office buildings for real estate investments
Westbrook has seen an incredible business development in recent years

Westbrook, a booming business town perfect for real estate investments in Maine

Last year, Westbrook became the home to American Roots, a prominent textile industry. This, in turn, created plenty of jobs in the manufacturing field, which are both steady and sustainable. In addition to this, the recent changes to the downtown area made the city of Westbrook the target of many breweries, unique businesses, and food establishments. All of these businesses make great conditions for a commercial real estate investment. The average property price in Westbrook comes out at $260.000, while the price per square foot is around $180. As previously stated, the Airbnb market has experienced growth, as it makes slightly above $6000 a month in income.

small airbnb room
Airbnb is becoming more and more popular in the state

Windham, a great opportunity for house flipping and renting

If you’re looking for a city that isn’t centered around a big college, then Windham is the place for you. The city boasts a highly educated population, with a higher income of around $125.000. The average property price in Windham is on average $300.000, which is, having the average income in mind, very affordable. If you are interested in house flipping and renting a property, this town is a good place to invest in. Windham has a mix of blue-collar and white-collar workers, and plenty of workplaces in the business industry. If you are thinking about working with business property, it is wise to have reliable corporate movers on speed dial. Even though the income is good, people are seemingly not ready to buy a house. The rental income in Windham is around $4000 a month, creating an opportunity for smart rental real estate investments in Maine.