Should you tip your movers

Should you tip your movers? If you are asking yourself this question, you should know that an answer can be very simple. If you are satisfied with their work than yes, you should definitely tip your movers. Moving companies NH are famous to be among the best in the US. So if you hire them you will surely end up tipping. But many times the answer is not that simple. Most of the times people are just partly happy with the work of the moving company they hired. So if you end up in a situation where you are not fully satisfied with the job your working crew has done. You will have to decide how much to tip or whether you should tip at all. But, if you want to be fair and tip your movers the way they deserve, you need to know the basics of their work.

Are you obliged to tip your movers?

The first thing you need to know is that you are not obliged to tip your movers. Every customer decides for themselves whether to tip movers and how much. But the moving crew will come to your home with the belief that they will receive some kind of gratitude. And that possibility of reward will make your movers work more. Most of the times the moving crew will work very hard to deserve that reward.

Tip your movers only if you want to
You are not obliged to tip your movers, satisfied or not

So you have a kind of moral obligation to tip your movers. Even though the tipping is not mandatory for customers, most of the times people decide to show some gratuity the moving crew. And if you want to properly tip your movers you need to stick with some general guidelines regarding giving your movers some small bonus payment.

Give tip if your movers:

  • Tip your movers if they arrive on time
  • Pack your items properly, if you hired packing services NH
  • Have lots of heavy items to carry
  • Know how to load the truck
  • Deliver your items in perfect condition

Time is money

Pay attention if the moving crew will arrive at the agreed time. Time can sometimes be of great importance, and if the moving crew is late who knows what could happen and how much it can cost you. So the first thing to include in the moving crew’s grade is the time of their arrival. Of course, sometimes the moving crew can be understandably late. Like in case of some of a storm or some traffic accident. But there were cases where movers Manchester MA arrive despite the storm. This is something you should definitely reward and count as a big plus.

Tip your movers if they are packing your items properly

If you hired a full service moving company there are things besides loading and unloading a moving vehicle. Your moving crew will pack your belongings. If you want to properly reward your movers you need to be present while the movers are packing your belongings. Watch how they handle your items and are they treating them with enough care. Pay special attention to how they are handling your fragile and valuable items. And are they packing them with enough padding to prevent damage during transportation?

You will tip your movers if they pack your items with care
If you notice that they are packing your items with special care you should definitely tip your movers

Of course, you should notify them in advance about every object that needs special attention and care during packing and transportation. If you think that they are packing your items properly and professionally give them a plus. If you see that they are not doing a good job the good thing is that you are present and you can intervene at any time.

Tip your movers if they have to carry lots of heavy items

Another important thing to consider when you are deciding whether to tip your movers is the number of things you have that are difficult to move. Maybe you have two pianos, a pool table and a heavy table saw in your garage. That is something that will fall very hard on your moving crew. So if you have objects that are heavy and hard to move you should definitely tip your movers in the end. Of course, if they transfer your items in one piece and without any damage. Sometimes your movers will have to dismantle some of your items. Be sure that you are present during disassembling and try to help your movers with advice. Provide them with manufacturers manual so you are sure that your movers are doing things correctly.

Be present during truck loading

Witness when they are loading the moving truck. There are some rules that your movers should apply during loading. Watch that there are no heavy things that are sitting on top of weak and fragile items. Make sure that everything is tightly tucked and secured from moving and falling while the truck is on the road. Most damage occurs during transportation, so watch closely how your movers are handling the truck loading. Especially if you think that your movers are young and inexperienced. This is one of the important things to consider when deciding how much to tip your movers. But you can be sure that they’ve done a good job only when the truck arrives at the destination so you can inspect your items. So it would be smart if you could arrive at the destination before your movers and be present when they open the truck.

Tip your movers if they unpack your items properly

If you hired a full service moving company it usually means that they will unpack your belongings, too. And one of the advantages of moving services NH is that you can deal with other things while your movers are dealing with your relocation.

Man tipping movers
If your items are delivered without any damage and on time, reward your movers properly

But if you want to be really sure that your movers deserve a tip from you, you need to be present during all parts of your relocation. And one of the crucial parts of your relocation where there is a great possibility of damage is unpacking.

Tip your movers if they deliver your items without damage

So, during your relocation, you need to consider many different things if you want to tip your movers properly. But the most important thing is the state of your items when they arrive at the destination. If your movers manage to move all your belongings in perfect condition and in reasonable time there is no reason not to be generous with your tip.