Should you move your business to Derry?

Every business owner knows that change is necessary. Especially in the business world where things change suddenly and drastically. To keep up, your business needs to change as well. Sometimes that means moving your business to a new city or state. Relocating a business is never easy. However, with the help of movers in NH, your relocation will be much smoother. In recent years, Derry has made many improvements regarding its business laws and taxes. In our blog, we’ll outline some of the greatest reasons you should move your business to Derry!

A low tax burden is one of the biggest reasons you should move your business to Derry

Every business owner knows how important tax laws are regarding their business. The state of New Hampshire, in which Derry is located, has amazing tax laws for business owners. The US Tax Foundation ranked New Hampshire’s business tax climate 7th nationally and even 1st in New England. You might be wondering why; it’s because New Hampshire has:

  • No use of taxes
  • No sales tax
  • Low corporate income tax
  • No professional service taxes
  • No inventory taxes
calculator placed on tax documents
Taxes pose a big problem for business owners. However, you won’t have that problem in Derry!

If these tax benefits make you want to move to Derry, you don’t have to do it by yourself. You can acquire the help of movers Derry NH, who are more than ready to take on this task while you sort out your business endeavors. If you’re perhaps still not convinced, we’ll list a few more tax benefits you’ll be able to enjoy once you move your business to Derry:

  • No estate taxes
  • Zero internet tax
  • No capital gains tax
  • No broad base personal income tax

Where to find resources for your business in Derry

Derry is committed to providing the services and resources necessary to start and grow your successful business. If you are planning to open a business in Derry, they have a dedicated staff available to help. Their main concern is to provide you with the resources you need to be successful every step of the way. Similarly, local movers NH are always at your disposal to help with the relocation of your office or your home!

To get started, be sure to plan a phone call or visit with Beverly Donovan, the Economic Development Director. She will gladly connect you with outside resources to make sure you are starting on the right foot. Not only that, but they’ll help you to grow and expand your business.

Additionally, many community partners are ready and willing to help. For those wishing to start a business, you’ll need to develop a sound business plan with a SCORE mentor. Then you’ll need to plan, launch and manage your business with local SBA representatives. Or you can try to obtain assistance in financing through REDC to get you off the ground and running. Whatever it is that you need for your business, they will connect you to the right person or team to get it done.

Derry has a very skilled and experienced workforce

If you’re looking to expand your business, or simply need new workers, don’t worry. The state of New Hampshire has one of the highest percentages of college-educated citizens in the nation. Besides that, it’s consistently ranked high for the rate of people employed in science and technology. You will have no trouble acquiring a strong and motivated workforce for your business in Derry!

Community colleges and state universities have strong relationships with industries. This ensures customized training programs, developing strategic pipelines of talent that maintain our companies’ competitiveness for all of New Hampshire’s students and workers.

women having a meeting at the table
A skilled and hard-working workforce is one of the main reasons why you should move your business to Derry.

New Hampshire also has educational resources and many training programs to help businesses and manufacturers hire and retain qualified and enthusiastic workers. If your main concern was if there are qualified personnel for your business, your doubts have been resolved.

How to move the business to Derry?

We’ve given you many reasons why the next location of your business should be Derry. Now it’s time to solve the other problem. How do you move a business to Derry efficiently with as few financial burdens? Many business owners are unsure if their business will suffer a loss or even shut down if they choose to relocate. However, if you choose the right relocation process, your business won’t suffer. On the contrary, your business will thrive in Derry. With that being said, there are three options for corporations that are looking to move their business to another state:

  1. The first option is continuing with the same business in the original state. Then you can register as a foreign corporation doing business in the new state location.
  2. Secondly, you can dissolve the corporation in its original state. After that open a brand-new corporation in the new state where you are trying to move the business. 
  3. Lastly, opt for a company reorganization by merging the old corporation into the new corporation in the new state location.
people pointing to a graph with pens
Carefully plan out your business move to Derry. Make a budget and stick to it.

All of these are viable options you just need to choose which one fits you and your business best. Be sure to think through each option carefully as none of them are easy or cheap. Regarding the moving logistics, hire someone to help with the moving services NH. This way you can focus on relocating your business, while they relocate your offices, equipment, and supplies.

The bottom line

Not only does Derry have incredible tax policies, a trained and effective workforce, and a helpful government, but is very keen on welcoming other businesses. You definitely won’t regret doing business there and/or living there. For any further information, don’t hesitate to contact the City of Derry. They are more than happy to answer any questions or dilemmas you might hate regarding your business or the relocation. Hopefully, our article has given you enough reasons why you should move your business to Derry. Enjoy Derry’s friendly climate and endless job opportunities!