Retiring in New Hampshire – Pros and cons

According to surveys, there’s no better way to mark the beginning of retirement than moving. Retirees often seek a calmer environment where they will spend their golden years in peace. If you are one of them, you must learn as much as possible about the place you’re moving to. In this article, you’ll learn more about everything that comes with retiring in New Hampshire. Also, if you wish to find reliable movers in NH as soon as possible, simply contact us! We at Preferred Movers NH commit to every relocation endeavor to the fullest, so rest assured yours won’t be an exception. By having us on your side, you’re securing a safe and smooth move right from the start! 

Things to consider before you officially decide to move to New Hampshire

What place in NH will be the most suitable for you depends on various factors. For instance, if it’s important for you to stay active, then places with lots of outdoor areas will be more fitting. If a smaller place suits your newly discovered lifestyle better, then look at such places that have all amenities in close proximity. Bottom line is – look for what you deem best for yourself. The economy is another factor to consider when looking for a place in NH to retire. However, that counts as the least of your worries, since New Hampshire has plenty of pleasant places where you can make your life financially feasible.

happy senior couple drinking tea and laughing
Retiring in New Hampshire can be a start of a blissful chapter

There are no sales or income tax in NH

The absence of sales and income taxes is arguably one of the top reasons why people choose to move to New Hampshire. From young professionals to retirees – everyone looks forward to living a financially comfortable life! So, once you move anywhere within NH, expect to be relieved of worries around extra costs.

You can start a small business

Retirement doesn’t prevent some retirees to venture into new business endeavors. Due to super low tax rates and the absence of sales and income taxes, entrepreneurs find New Hampshire great for starting and running a business. So, in case you consider running a small business as a retiree, NH is a place to be. The market in NH is diverse and welcoming to new small business ideas.

Outdoors in NH are everything

Do you wish to stay active during your golden years? No problem! New Hampshire includes a range of outdoor options you can never get bored of. Hiking in The White Mountains – named for stunning white rocks – is one of the favorite weekend activities families enjoy the most. If you haven’t hiked before, now is the time to start doing it! A quick online search will take you to lots of guided tours to choose from. On the other hand, you may join community forums or social media groups to gain more information. Overall, the nature in NH is so picturesque, which is why it would be nice to have your camera or smartphone with you.

elderly couple trekking and discussing retiring in New Hampshire
Outdoor activities are one of the best things about retiring in New Hampshire

A high percentage of the elderly population

It’s true that New Hampshire has plenty of places that are quite popular among elderly people. This comes as a relief for many retirees as they find living in such environments more convenient.

The community isn’t as diverse

Cultural diversity and liberal communities are super important for many who are looking for their new place of residence. However, if you don’t mind a slightly more conservative environment, NH will be bliss. On the other hand, be aware that diversity isn’t the strongest aspect of New Hampshire. It’s one of the least diverse US states to live in. 

High house prices and real estate taxes

While there’s no state or income tax, the real estate taxes might give a headache. Plus, it might take you a while until you find a good deal, even when it comes to smaller homes. So, make sure to have an experienced real estate agent helping you. Also, keep in mind it’ll take longer until you find a suitable home.

Unpredictable weather

Fall in New Hampshire is super rainy, while winters are very cold. Many consider the weather in New Hampshire a major disadvantage. On the other hand, you might like it if you prefer colder areas to tropical.

Commuting to other cities is tricky

Owning a car will save you lots of headaches in New Hampshire. Since commuting in NH isn’t the best in the state, a car comes as a valuable investment.

Where to consider retiring in New Hampshire?

The question is: what is the best place to retire in New Hampshire? It’s hard to pinpoint only one specific place in NH where living your golden years is bliss, and that’s actually the good news! According to surveys, retirees prefer New Hampshire towns for lots of valid reasons. However, make sure to weigh all advantages and disadvantages before you make a final decision.


Located in Rockingham County, the town of Exeter serves its elderly population with a peaceful and comfortable life. This lovely town boasts the no.1 place among the top inbound cities for retirees. In addition, lots of families also prefer moving to Exeter due to its excellent education, high safe rate, and affordable prices. Exeter is where you have a high chance of owning a home sooner or later. The fact that over 60% of residents own their homes speaks for itself. The current median household income is $73,109, which surpasses the national average. If Exeter is exactly the kind of place you want to live in, check what movers Exeter NH have on offer. Look for long-distance movers if you’re moving from far away.

three elderly women taking a selfie
The community in New Hampshire cities is warm and welcoming


The town of Somersworth gives a mixed urban and suburban feel. And yet, the surrounding is quite peaceful and perfect for retirees. Plus, it offers lots of great dining places and shopping areas. The median home value is $67,209, almost equal to the national average. Owning a home depends on the current market state and prices. However, people owning homes make up 51% of the entire population, according to the statistics.

Living in Somersworth is super convenient. Shops, hospitals, and other amenities are quite close, with lots of unique homes that give that old-school vibe from the 50s and 60s. Some of the best movers Somersworth NH has on offer are there to handle your relocation once you choose the time and date of your move.


If you want to live in a small place with plenty to offer, don’t wait for too long and contact movers Londonderry NH have to offer. Life in Londonderry is not only convenient but diverse. Whether you want to dine or have a nice cup of coffee – Londonderry has it all. Plus, it’s easy to get to Boston and other nearby big cities. The only thing to watch out for is property taxes. However, due to the strong economy, the place boasts a high percentage (88%) of people who own their homes.

A friendly community in the town of Londonderry is what both former and current residents praise. It’s not a surprise why people love to come there, either temporarily or to start a new life.


It’s worth mentioning Portsmouth as another great place for retiring in New Hampshire. Some of the best movers Portsmouth NH locals trust the most are there to assist you from start to finish. After you move, you’ll notice why Portsmouth is among the top places in NH. It has great schools, all the necessary amenities are close by, prices are affordable, and the people are very helpful. The median home value ($264,700) goes above the current national average ($229,800), however, around 70% of residents own their homes. Generally speaking, life in Portsmouth is pretty affordable.

elderly black man running in the park
There’s plenty of space for sports and other daily activities


Living in Derry is one of the best places for retiring in New Hampshire! Being a suburb of Boston, Derry has solid connections to the city. Besides retirees and families, remote workers tend to come there due to lower rent prices. Before you begin packing your bags, make sure to check the movers Derry NH has on the market! Residents of Derry benefit from proximity to shopping malls, airports, and the outdoors. So, if you wish to hike in the White Mountains in your spare time, Derry is a place to be.

North Hampton

There are valid reasons why you should start looking for moving services and storage units North Hampton NH companies provide. First, North Hampton is a top-rated place for basically everyone – young families, elders, etc. It’s one of the places in NH with the lowest crime rate. Streets are well taken care of, the environment is rather peaceful, and people tend to be quite helpful. There are many walkable areas and places to enjoy your morning coffee/tea.


Last but not least, Dover counts as a safe and convenient place for living. Lots of people come here to buy a nice home and spend their golden years relaxing. The housing market in Dover is cheaper than the national average. This is one of the reasons why top movers Dover NH are frequently busy helping retirees relocate and unpack. Therefore, make sure to book the movers in advance and have them help you get everything ready for the move!

senior woman planting seeds after retiring in New Hampshire
Make your retirement in NH more dynamic by starting a new hobby

Retire in New Hampshire with the help of skilled movers!

Once you decide on your next place of residence, the next task on your list is to find credible local movers NH residents trust the most. Although simple at first, the moving process is much more time and energy-consuming. Packing alone may last for longer than you anticipated at first. In addition, the moving process requires you to be thoroughly organized. That’s why hiring capable movers is a must if you wish to have a stress-free moving endeavor from start to finish.

Why is it important to have a professional NH company handling your move?

When a professional company handles your move, everything runs at a faster pace. Moving becomes less tiring and exhausting. Plus, you can focus on other duties you must attend to. This is especially important when retiring in New Hampshire. Only top-level moving companies are up to the task like this. They are registered, provide a free-of-charge estimation, and have a reputation for impeccable customer support. Their entire team works toward service improvement and takes customers’ feedback into consideration. Having said that, make sure to hire a company that puts the needs of its clients first.

Make sure the company you want to hire offers an array of services

You’ll need more than a few professional helping hands. That being said, it’s important to make sure that the packing services NH companies offer are diverse. Not all the items require the same packing methodology. Breakables will need more attention than linens, pillows, and other lightweight items.

moving company van
Hire a moving company that will have all your moving needs met

Consider piano movers NH or other special services if you are moving bulky and delicate items. Specialized movers will always go the extra mile to properly pack, transport, and store items like pianos, breakables, etc. It’s far better to have to move experts to handle your goods than to try figuring it out yourself. That way, you’ll prevent breaking and damage.

Take time to rest after the move

Moving is one of the most taxing activities, therefore a quality post-move rest is a must. Once you arrive at your new home, rest assured that unpacking will be the last to come to your mind. So, feel free to postpone unpacking, and instead, have a bath, sleep as much as you need, and eat your favorite food. In the meantime, let the movers know you’ll keep your belonging stored for a little longer. Also, don’t hesitate to ask them to help you unpack and set up the furniture. The point of retiring in New Hampshire is to start off on the right foot. That being said, give yourself enough time to adjust to your new town. As a retiree, you get to enjoy a lot more free time than you used to prior to retiring. So, make the most of your new life in New Hampshire!