Reasons why moving to Maine may boost your career prospects

There comes a moment in every person’s life where we start looking beyond our current place of residence when it comes to analyzing career prospects. Especially when you’re young and hungry for adventures, seeking new places to live and work is simply in our nature. Unfortunately, many people give up on that idea, mostly due to being afraid of leaving their comfort zone. Make sure that doesn’t happen to you! If you have a good feeling about it, it will most likely pay off. So, if Maine is one of the destinations you’re considering, we are here to let you know why moving to Maine may boost your career prospects.

What to expect from Maine when you move out there to boost your career prospects

Before we jump to career-related information, you need to find out what can you expect from living in Maine. Although a career and making a living are some of the most important things in life, you shouldn’t forget that while working you’ll also be spending most of your free time and your family time in the place you choose. Preferred Movers NH could help you deal with moving out and not getting overwhelmed. So, let’s see what living in Maine brings to the table.


Coldish winters and moderately warm summers await you in Maine. This state is perfect for people that dislike temperature extremes and humid conditions. You’ll be able to enjoy both summers and winters, but autumns in Maine are moments where you truly get your money’s worth. A scenery that comes from yellow, orange, and red foliage is the most beautiful one in the United States and it’s not even close.

fall scenery
You’ll fall in love with Maine’s autumn scenery


Maine is continuously ranked among the top states in safety. You’re far less likely to become a victim of crime here than in any other state. Therefore, Maine’s low crime rates are one less thing to worry about and you can focus on career prospects and the moving out process. Most of the towns are peaceful, so you’re likely to not be distracted by noise and heavy traffic. It’s also very friendly to newcomers, offering many benefits to people who decide to live there, and you can find many moving companies in Maine that will help you settle.


Last but not least, Maine’s location provides you with great opportunities to travel around and experience various things, from snowy mountains to sandy beaches. There are many state parks, beaches, and lakes worth visiting within the state. For example, Ogunquit, a small coastal town, is attracting more and more visitors over the years. Even if you don’t want to live there for a whole year, buying or renting a vacation house in Ogunquit is surely a great idea.

You won’t even need to bother with packing and moving items to it. You have movers Ogunquit ME to take care of it for you. On the other hand, outside of Maine, the Canada border, Vermont’s mountains and hills, New Hampshire’s seacoast are all nearby and waiting for you to visit. And if you feel like going on a proper road trip to experience big cities, Montreal, Boston, even New York are only a few hours’ drive away from you.

Career prospects that moving to Maine brings

We established that Maine is a great state to live in. Now, the only thing that’s left, is to figure out how moving to Maine may boost your career prospects. Below you’ll find some encouraging data related to the job market that will make you lean towards life in Maine.

Job openings

Many of the recent studies predicted huge employment chances in the coming years. To be precise, 750 000 job openings until the end of 2028. Although the COVID-19 pandemic affected those numbers, it caused only a slight decline of around 15-20 thousand jobs less. That percentage is not something to worry about as the total job openings number is still extremely high. Towns like Saco are among those ranked top for hottest job markets in Maine. For that reason, you should strongly consider moving there.

And if you have any worries about moving and settling in Saco since it’s probably not a familiar territory, Saco Maine movers will provide a much-needed helping hand for a stress-free move. One more thing worth noting is that salaries are continuously rising in the state of Maine. On January 1st, 2022. , minimum hourly wage jumped from 12.15$ to 12.75$. Of course, you are not looking to work for a minimal wage, but the rise itself is encouraging because it means that salaries overall are getting higher each year.

a man driving a van
Hiring a moving company will make moving to Maine much easier.

In-demand jobs to boost your career when moving out to Maine

Now we’ll share with you a few of the most in-demand jobs in the state. But don’t worry, even if they don’t match with your area of expertise, you shouldn’t write Maine off. It doesn’t mean you’ll find it hard to get a job. Remember that these are only at the top of the list and that there are plenty more opportunities and something for everyone to do. The most in-demand jobs in Maine are:

  1. Registered nurse and nurse practitioners – if you fall into this category, moving out to Maine is a safe bet;
  2. Physical therapist and physician assistant – similarly to nursing jobs, there is a big demand for qualified personnel in the physical therapy sector;
  3. Software developers;
  4. Business analyst;
  5. Mechanic and repair jobs;
  6. Drivers (taxi, trucks, delivery);
  7. Accountants and auditors.
Moving to Maine may boost your career prospects as a registered nurse
If you’re a registered nurse, moving to Maine may boost your career.

If you get hired and find yourself in a rush to move quickly, movers Kittery ME, from town on the very border between Maine and New Hampshire, are going to provide you assistance in moving as quickly as possible.

Moving out to work somewhere else it’s never an easy decision. It requires courage, an open mind, and planning. But once you get through all this, it will be worth it. Maine remains among the top candidates for making a career-related move. For that reason, we believe that moving to Maine may boost your career. But hey, wherever you end up going, we wish you nothing but good luck!