Reasons against using your garage as storage space

In the shortage of storage space, many people turn to their garages. This might be a good solution at first. As you will have quick access to it, and you do not have to pay for it. But if you are not careful, your garage could quickly become a cluttered space that can easily spread to the rest of the house. So, even though it might look like a good and easy solution at first, there are many reasons against using your garage as storage space. Yes, renting storage Hampton NH is a more costly option. However, you will soon realize that it is the only right thing to do. And that your garage could be much more than a simple storage space.

Using your garage as storage space has its advantages but there are still many reasons against it

Using a garage as storage space is the most convenient way to store excess items. Your items will be easily accessible and you will not have to pay for a storage unit. This all sounds nice, but if you think about it you will realize that a garage could be much more than a storage space for your old items. Also, security and conditions inside the garage could also be issues.  So, before you continue with reading this article, take a break and call movers Bedford NH. Schedule them to come to pick up your excess items to take them to your storage North Hampton NH, and continue reading.

Use your garage as it was meant to be used

One of the most important reasons against using your garage as storage space is that you should be cluttering your home. Keeping one or two things is one thing. But if your idea is to take up your whole garage, maybe you should reconsider your plans. A garage is actually meant to be used as a storage for some items. First, for storing your car. But also for tools, household items like a vacuum cleaner, brooms and cleaning products. Or it is often used as a laundry room.

Man fixing a car in a garage
Use your garage as it was meant to be used.

So, if you cover it all with clutter you won’t be able to use this room properly. With a tendency to start spreading the clutter to the rest of your house. So, before you make this mistake, hire packing services NH. Let them pack your excess items, and move them to your Hampton NH storage.  And use your garage as it was meant to be used.

Extreme weather conditions will be an issue if you plan to keep your stuff in your garage

Garages are usually units separated from the main building. The insulation is usually poor and inadequate for maintaining steady conditions, without a heating and cooling system. So extreme weather conditions could represent an issue. And as you probably already know, storing items in such conditions is not the best way to go. When it’s cold, condensation could easily appear, and that could mean the end for your electronic equipment, for example.

using your garage as storage space at winter
If you are thinking about using your garage as storage space, think about weather conditions

On the other hand, extreme heat could also negatively affect your items. Especially those made from plastic. This is one of the main reasons against using your garage as a storage space.  So, if you are living somewhere along the NH coast hire movers Kingston NH to pack and move your belongings to a proper storage Hampton NH. You will do your items a favor.

Security reasons against using your garage as storage space

Security can also be an issue. Especially if you are living in a crime-prone area. The garage is to some degree separated from your home, and it is a common target for burglars. If you are using your garage door often, leaving them opened for longer periods during the day, people will see that your garage is full. That is like an invitation to house intruders. Of course, you could have alarms and surveillance cameras, but you are still risking it. Especially if you have items that could be a target of thieves.

Remember Microsoft? Turn your garage into a money factory

Yes, you have to spend money to store your items in a storage unit. However, if you turn your garage in a place that generates income, paying for a storage unit could be a turn up to be a good business investment. Surely you have heard numerous stories about large corporations and businesses that started out from garages. If you cannot recall any, here is the small list to refresh your memory:

  • When you are looking for reasons against using your garage as a storage space think about Microsoft
  • Apple
  • Harley-Davidson
  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Disney
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Dell
Microsoft bulding
Microsoft is one of the most famous companies that started out from a garage

On the other hand, have you ever heard that a garage-founded business failed? Of course, you didn’t. Because it never happened. That means that there is no way to deny that starting a business from a garage is a guaranteed way to success. So, forget about cluttering your precious garage space with insignificant items, and do something useful with it.

Find better uses for your garage

Maybe you are not a very business-oriented person, or you do not have a need for other incomes. Think about finding other uses for it. If you have a hobby, maybe your garage would be a good place for it. You could turn it into a gym, art studio, workshop, music studio, or you could turn into a living space for your growing teenager.

Using your garage as storage seems like a waste of good space

In the end, it seems like using your garage as a simple dumping site for excess items is not such a smart idea. Besides, it could easily bring you trouble. Like thieves, damaged items and clutter. Therefore, you should think twice before you decide on using your garage as storage space.