Planning an office move with minimal disruption

If you are planning an office move, the biggest challenge will be to organize and accomplish everything without interrupting your business. In business, time is money and the longer you are out of business the more money you will lose. So if you are planning to move your office, you will need extensive planning. And you will need to make sure that everything is going according to your plan. Luckily, movers Merrimack NH will be there to help you. But you and your team need to plan and perform if you want your move to be successful. Here are the tips for planning an office move with minimal disruption.

If you want to organize an office move with minimal disruption, start preparing a plan

Relocation, whether it is your home you are moving or an office, starts with extensive planning. There are dozens of things to be done during a move. And you need to foresee everything. You need to plan about removing items that you are not using, creating your moving inventory list, hiring movers Bedford NH, preparing packing materials, and packing your office. And, you need to try to do it all without stopping your business.  Of course, minimal interruption is unavoidable. And your task is to make sure it stays minimal.

Yearly planner
Start by preparing a moving plan

Prepare a timeline that will help you to stay on track

Creating a timeline or a moving schedule is one of the best ways to make sure that the office move will go through with minimal disruption. The first thing you need to determine is when will be the best time to move. If you are not working on weekends, maybe you could organize your move then. However, maybe you will have trouble with organizing your employees to help you during a weekend. In that case, think about what are the days when your business runs slower and try to organize it then. Talks to your employees and ask for their opinion. Maybe they will have some good ideas on when to start. But no matter when you begin the important thing is to stick with your timeline.

Organize your moving inventory first

The first item in your moving schedule should be your moving inventory. You need to know what are the items that you are planning to move with you. And how many of them you have. If you have broken electronics or pieces of furniture, you need to get them out before your packing services NH arrive at the scene. Also, you will need to know how much packing supplies to prepare, especially if you are packing without professional help. And your movers will need to know the size of your moving inventory so they could give you their moving estimate. So, start by removing the items that you do not wish to carry with you to your new office space. Some businesses, use this opportunity to replace their furniture altogether. Especially if they are changing their overall image together with new office space.

Old office furniture
If you have items that you do not use any more, get rid of them

Prepare a precise moving inventory list if you want to organize an office move with minimal disruption

After you get rid of your unwanted items, you need to prepare a precise moving inventory list. This list will help you to figure out how much packing supplies to prepare. Your movers Exeter NH will be able to give you an accurate moving estimate. And you can use it to check your items after they arrive at your new office.  Also, when making a moving inventory list, make sure that you add as many details about your items as possible. Besides the names of your items, add serial numbers, colors, weight, and condition of items. This will be very helpful once you start checking them after delivery. The best practice is to download one of the available apps and use them for this purpose. They usually have an option to add an image for every item that you list.

Search for reliable movers that are experienced in office relocations

Once you list your items, you can start searching for a reliable and trustworthy moving company that is proficient in moving businesses. There aren’t many such companies, so you will need some time to find a reliable one. Count in at least a few days for this task. You will need to check many moving companies, gather their moving estimates, and you will need to go through all those offers, compare them, and pick the best one.

Prepare packing materials

Gathering packing supplies is something that you will need to do if you decided not to hire movers for packing. Even though the packing process is the most difficult part of relocating, when packing an office it is better to do it relying on your own workforce. There are many sensitive papers, documents, and information in your office. And maybe it is not so convenient to let someone outside your firm temper with it. So if you will be doing it without professional help, make sure that you prepare:

  • Cardboard boxes of different sizes are the main material when you want to organize an office move with minimal disruption. If you don’t know how many boxes to prepare, use one of the online moving box calculators.
  • Plastic containers for sensitive items
  • Plastic bags
  • Bubble plastic
  • Packing tapes
  • Labels and markers
Cardboard boxes
Cardboard boxes are one of the essential packing materials, make sure that you prepare enough

Know how to pack if you want to organize an office move with minimal disruption

And now, all you have to do is pack your office and wait for your movers. Packing an office can be difficult because of the large amounts of important paperwork and electronic equipment.  Make sure that you have confidence in the person who is sorting and packing your papers and documents. That is a very important task, and you want your most trusted employee to deal with it. Also, pay attention to how you pack your computers. They hold important information on their hard drives, so, if you want, you can remove them and pack them separately. If you do not have a technician who is maintaining your computers, take photos of the cable assembly before you start pulling them out. This will help you to put everything back together after the move.  Wrap monitors in bubble plastic and put them in cardboard boxes. And that is it.