Planning a move to Derry NH 101

So you are planning a move to Derry NH and you are wondering what it’s like living there? Derry NH is a very nice place to live especially if you have kids. There are some nice schools. Safety is at a very high level and there are many sights in and around the town to spend your free time. It is a small town in Rockingham County situated between Salem and Manchester. If you are not into living in big cities than a Derry NH could be a good pick. Of course, with 34 000 currently a fourth most populous town in the NH state, Derry can’t be considered a very small town. But somewhere in the middle, large enough to have all that you need for quality living, but small enough to avoid all the bad things that come with living in a large urban area.

Planning a move to Derry NH 101 – Picking a good and reliable moving company NH

If you are planning a move to Derry NH you should know that there are many good and reliable movers Derry NH that could make your relocation a piece of cake. But, before you decide which moving company to choose you will need to do some internet research.

if you are panning a move to Derry NH you will need a reliable moving company
Hire movers NH to help you if you are planning a move to Derry NH

You don’t want to hire an unreliable or fraudulent moving company and end up being scammed. Hiring an honest and reliable moving company is the most important thing during a move so you need to make sure that the company you are hiring has some good credentials. If your relocation is an interstate one, your moving company will have to own a USDOT number which you can use to check its history and validity. Of course, reading comments on forums or moving company’s websites is also a good way of making sure that you will pick the right company for your relocation.

Planning a move to Derry NH 101 – Derry NH facts

Derry NH has a very interesting nickname. People call it “Spacetown”. There was a group of seven astronauts, also known as the Original seven who participated in NASA’s “Project Mercury”. One of those seven astronauts was Alan Shepard who was born in Derry NH and that is how the town got its nickname. Another famous person who lived in Derry NH was the poet Robert Frost. He used to live there for 11 years and his farm is considered a National Landmark today. During the summer months, there are cultural events organized there and it is a nice place for poetry seminars and tours. Here are some other facts about Derry NH:

  • Derry NH has a population of 33 109 residents according to a 2010 census. So, if you are planning a move to Derry NH it is a good thing to know.
  • The median age in Derry NH is 39.
  • Median household income is around 60.000$
  • Home prices are around 200.000$
  • Median property rent is 1100$
  • 44.8% of Derry’s residents own home while 55.2% are renting.
  • Derry NH Ethnicity is mostly white, around 95%. People that are Hispanic ethnicity make 2.7% of the town’s population. There are 1.5% Asian people and 1.4% blacks.
  • In Derry NH there are slightly more females, 50.4%.
  • 94.1% of Derry’s residents use only English language. 5.9% use English and some other language

If you decide to Move to Derry NH there are many good moving companies near Derry NH that you could hire to ease your move.

Planning a move to Derry NH 101 – Commuting

Derry NH has very easy access to route 93. That makes it a place from it is very easy to commute to Boston and other places in northern NH. If you are planning to live in Derry but you need to travel to work in Boston you will have not much trouble.

Driving a car to get to work
Around 80% of Derry’s residents drive their own car to work

It is a 45-60 minutes drive to get there, but sometimes if the weather is bad or there is a traffic jam it could take longer. Maybe it is not the shortest commute time in the world, but if you want to enjoy the benefits of small town living and you need to work in a city, if you move to Derry NH it can be done.

  • 1.7% of Derry’s residents use their own feet to get to work
  • 3.3% are working at their own home
  • Only 1% use public transportation to get to work
  • 0.5 % use other means of transportation
  • 10% use carpooling as a way of getting to work
  • 83.5% drive alone to work

Healthy and active life in Derry NH

If you are planning a move to Derry NH and you plan to make it your home you will enjoy many good things that Derry NH has to offer. It has a very healthy environment to raise your kids and a good schooling system. Also, there are many free ways to stay active and to enjoy the outdoors like parks, playgrounds, biking and hiking trails and some nice beaches, too. If you are into healthy living and you like to exercise there are some nice places for you to work out as well.

Gym exercise machines
There are many options for healthy living in Derry NH

There are several traditional gyms with exercise machines for cardio workouts and heavy lifting. And there are some more modern options for you to try like CrossFit training, HIIT and similar. On the other hand, if you just like to enjoy the outdoors there are several town parks that you can visit with your kids.

Living a stress-free life

If you decided that the Derry NH is the next destination for your home you will not go wrong. As you can see there are many wonderful things in this town. You will surely love living here alone or with your family. It is a stress-free and easy living environment. And if you pick good moving services NH your relocation will be stress-free as well. And leading a stress-free life is why you chose Derry NH in the first place, right?