Places to visit after moving to New Hampshire

Your move to New Hampshire is finally over and it’s time to settle down. There are a lot of things to do and see in this small state. Above all, you can enjoy some amazing outdoor entertainment and historical places. After all, after the Preferred Movers NH have done their job, it’s only natural that you relax and get to know your new state. Here are just some of the places to visit after moving to New Hampshire.

Mount Washington is among the places to visit after moving to New Hampshire

If you really want to know what beauty is, then go to Mount Washington. If you get on top of it, you will be able to look over several states when there are no clouds. On the other hand, when it is cloudy you can find yourself looking at them above their height. It’s no wonder so many local movers NH talk about this location as a must-see attraction. We recommend you use the train to arrive in this area, but you can do it also by car. The only problem is that because of its elevation there are weather changes that happen quickly. However, when you arrive on the top you will have a place to get a warm coffee and a museum you can check out.

A train
Mount Washington is among the places to visit after moving to New Hampshire


If you love history, you’ll adore Portsmouth. It’s among the oldest cities in the whole US. That means that you will be able to check out amazing pieces of American history and not even notice them. The complete city center is just one big open-air museum where you can enjoy the beautiful buildings from even the colonial era. There are a plethora of houses that are protected and are regarded as monuments. And it’s no wonder as they are from the early 18th century. Come to Portsmouth and you as a history nerd will be more than satisfied.

One of the places to visit after moving to New Hampshire is Story Land

Did you move to New Hampshire with your family with kids? If that’s the case then you absolutely can’t miss the opportunity to pay a visit to Story Land. It offers some amazing entertainment for both children and parents. Our movers North Hampton NH absolutely love spending their time there with their whole families. It’s a beautiful fairytale and magical place that we’re sure you won’t regret visiting. But why is this among the places to visit after moving to New Hampshire compared to other entertainment? Its originality and innovation are what make it stand out as they always add something new and special for both kids and parents to enjoy.

Hampton Beach

Even though New Hampshire isn’t really the first state that comes to mind when you think of beaches, it still has a lot to offer. For example, Hampton Beach is a beautiful resort town with amazing beaches and entertainment. There are many Merrimac moving companies that relocate people in the area as they know that there’s always something to do in Hampton Beach and beyond. Be it that you want to play some beach sports or participate in other community events, you’ll find them here. Enjoy the New Hampshire sun and enjoy the beach at the same time.

A person putting their hand in the water
Hampton Beach offers a lot of entertainment

Lake Winnipesaukee

If Hampton Beach isn’t your idea of summer entertainment, then make sure to check out Lake Winnipesaukee. It’s located in the lake region of New Hampshire and it really is one of the places that you can enjoy alone or with your family without problems. Do you want to enjoy the beach or just some water sports? Are you an admirer of nature that loves seeing the bird and animal life in the area? Then make sure to visit Lake Winnipesaukee as you will enjoy the purest form of nature that you’ll see in New Hampshire and beyond.

Mount Monadnock

If you really want to see everything then why not visit the highest point in the state? For that, you’ll need to go to Mount Monadnock as it really offers a special experience. It almost acts like a tower in the middle of the New England region and gives you some of the best views around as it lifts you over 3000 ft. Among other things, this is also a state park now. On top of that, it’s one of the best places for hiking. Thankfully, there are trails for all levels of expertise as the peak can be reached in easier ways, for kids and the elderly, and in more challenging ways for expert hikers.

One of the places to visit after moving to New Hampshire with your kids is Santa’s Village

Another place that both you and your kids will love is Santa’s Village. Every time you want to feel like it’s Christmas, be it summer or winter, you can take your family here to enjoy amazing entertainment. When it comes to what Santa’s Village has to offer you can count on some amazing carousels, 3-D movies, pet condos, live music, and a plethora of other entertainment. Above all, you will create some great memories here. It’s no wonder it’s one of the most visited entertainment centers in New Hampshire. Of course, everything goes even more berserk when actual Christmas time arrives. We’re absolutely positive that your whole family will enjoy every second spent here.

Kids wearing a Santa Claus costume
Your whole family will enjoy Santa’s Village

Even if you consider that New Hampshire isn’t one of the biggest states, it has a lot to offer. Wherever you look there’s beauty, nature, and entertainment. When you look for places to visit after moving to New Hampshire take into account your personal preferences. Only by doing that can you truly enjoy everything it has to offer. Be it that you want to hike or enjoy the sun you’ll have it all. Don’t forget to enjoy your new home and state! You won’t be disappointed with what it puts on the table.