Packing your garage for relocation

Packing your garage for relocation in NH can be an intimidating task if you don’t plan it well. Your garage is probably the room that holds most items in your house and packing it for relocation is going to be difficult.  There will be many different sized objects and probably some very heavy ones. That is why the smartest thing to do is to hire one of the packing services NH to help you. New Hampshire moving companies that offer packing services have enough experience in situations where garage relocation is involved.  They know how to pack messy garages and move heavier equipment if you have any. But hiring this sort of help if going to cost you extra, so maybe you are thinking about packing your garage by yourself. That is going to save you money but it will give you headaches.

Packing your garage for relocation – preparation

If you decided to tackle your garage packing on your own there will be a few things you should prepare before you start. Here are some of the items you need to prepare before you start packing your garage:

  • Sturdy plastic containers of various sizes are the most important thing to have when packing your garage. It will be smart to prepare one or two larger heavy-duty plastic garbage bins if you have long-handled tools.
  • Small plastic jars or sealable bags for small parts.
  • A small set of tools should be prepared if you need to take apart some pieces of equipment.
  • Bubble wraps could come in handy if you need to protect some sensitive items.
  • Moving blankets or some old clothes can be very handy for packing and to give extra protection for your packed items.
  • Packing tapes and ropes.
  • Labels and permanent markers are very important pieces of your moving kit. You need to properly label boxes with fragile items and it will be good to know what’s inside the boxes when you eventually start unpacking.
  • Garbage bags for trash.

Your New Hampton NH moving company has all the necessary packing supplies you will need to pack your garage entirely. They will assist you in choosing the things you need so you don’t forget anything.

How to start packing your garage for relocation

First, you need to drive your car out. Then you can start packing your garage by packing larger items and tools first.  Group similar long-handled tools and tie them together with rope and store them in a large garbage bin. This is a good way to pack multiple large items for transportation.

Large plastic garbage bins can be very helpful when packing your garage
When you are packing your garage, garbage bins can be of great help

Be cautious when handling tools or items with sharp parts. Give those dangerous parts some extra protection by wrapping them in blankets or some old clothes. If it’s possible it would be best if you could detach those parts to store them separately. After you packed all your larger items take them outside. Now you will have more room to operate and it will be easier to pack the rest of your stuff.

Taking out the garbage when packing your garage

After you made more room by removing large items, start picking up the garbage. When packing your garage for relocation you will have a lot of junk, there is doubt about it. And it is not the same type of junk you have in your home. So it is advisable to use stronger, more durable trash bags for this. This is also the time where you should decide are there any things that you could recycle or donate. If you have a lot of excess stuff that you would like to keep, rent storage North Hampton NH. Keeping your stuff in a storage unit is your only solution in this case.

Packing smaller items

Now that your garage is free of large items and trash you can start packing smaller items. Clothes and other easier stuff can go in cardboard boxes. If you have lots of screws, bolts and nails store them in small plastic jars. After you close your boxes label them properly. Especially if you packed glass items or you have some other fragile stuff.

Some items like paints, gasoline and motor oil are not allowed on a moving truck. The list of non-allowable items is easy to find on the internet so take a moment to read it and see if any of it applies to some of your stuff.

What to do with garage furniture

If you use your garage like a storage room or maybe a workshop you probably have lots of shelves, closets and cabinets. Take them with you if your new home has a similar place where you will store your stuff. Also, if you are planning to rent a storage unit, closets and shelves can be very useful for storing lots of stuff.

Garage shelves with lots of jars
Your old shelves could be of use to you in your new home

Dismantle them for easier transportation. This way they don’t take too much space and you can assemble them when the time comes.

Packing heavier items

People use garages for many different purposes. Some people use it like a laundry room and a place to keep their washing and drying machines. Or like a workshop with much heavy equipment.

Table drill in a home workshop
Garages are sometimes used as workshops

Whatever is the case if you are planning to lift and move heavy objects you will need some strong helping hands. It would be smart to try to get a hand forklift or a dolly cart so you can move your heavy stuff with the help of wheels. Moving your washing machine or a dryer is not going to be too much of a trouble if you have someone to help you. But if you have some really heavy stuff it is better to leave it to your movers. They know how to properly lift heavy object so it is safer to let them do the heavy work.

As you can see, packing your garage for relocation requires good planning and lots of heavy work. Maybe hiring a professional packing service, in this case, is money well spent.