Packing for a long distance move in Maine – a checklist

Moving long distances is no easy feat. It requires a lot of preparation, good planning, and even better execution. That’s why, when moving to another city, or another state, you need to pay special attention to the preparation part. Packing for a long distance move in Maine is not simply about putting items in boxes. It requires much more planning and organization. Lucky for you, we’ve got a perfect guide. Our checklist will help you now only be ready by the time movers York Main arrive. Good packing will ensure that all your items survive the trip, regardless of how fragile they are. So, let’s get started, and let’s make your packing experience quick, pleasant, and worry-free.

Good organization is almost half of the work when packing for a long distance move in Maine

One of the first things that you should do is take stock of the situation. No two relocations are the same. They might seem similar, but each one comes with its own challenges. So, as the first order of business, make sure you take a good look at your unique circumstances. So unless your movers Kittery ME are going to assist you with packing, you will have to do it all by yourself. Even if you would hire professional packers, you still need to know what needs to be packed. So, make sure you do the following:

  • Consider the distance of the relocation as it can play a key role in how you pack
  • Take a look at how many items there are to prepare for the relocation
  • Research materials you will need when packing for a long distance move in Maine

All these things will help you better prepare, and in turn, adjust the checklist to your needs so it ensures the success of your relocation.

couple packing for a long distance move in Maine
If you are organized, the packing will be quick and easy

The first step in any relocation is doing inventory

Many people make the mistake of starting the packing process without grasping the situation first. So they start going room by room and randomly packing items. That can lead to huge waste in packing supplies as well as increased moving costs. Some moving companies charge by the moving box. So you’ll want to bundle as many things as you can, as long as it’s logical to do so.

So, before you even start thinking about packing supplies, make sure you go room by room and write down all of your items. It’s an important first step when preparing for a long distance move. No matter how small an item might seem, make sure you write it down. It can be a small figurine, a hair dryer, or even your pillowcases. It’s important to have everything written down in one place so you’ll know exactly what you are dealing with.

There are many benefits to having a list of items before the move

Having a list of all the items you intend to relocate can be very useful, for many different reasons. The list does not just help with packing for a long distance move in Maine. It can also help you optimize how you shop for packing supplies and possibly even save you a decent amount of money in relocation costs.

  • It will allow your movers to provide you with a much more accurate moving estimate.
  • You can more easily identify items that you can put in storage
  • You can declutter, making your life easier and your relocation cheaper
  • Shopping for packing supplies will be much easier and there will be less overhead

Shopping for packing supplies is an important step when packing for a long distance relocation

The next big step is buying packing materials. It’s the first time that you will be spending money on packing, provided you aren’t hiring professional packers. Speaking of which, make sure you check with your long distance movers in Maine whether or not they offer packing supplies. If they do, they are usually more affordable and more convenient than buying them in a hardware store. Plus they can give you handy tips on how to pack difficult items.

moving boxes on the floor
There are many places where you can buy moving boxes and other supplies before you start packing for a long distance move in Maine

If not, you can find moving boxes in a few places:

  • Hardware stores are usually the first place people go when looking for moving boxes and other supplies
  • You can also order all the supplies you need online, although you will probably have to pay for the shipping costs
  • A great place to find free moving boxes is your local supermarket. They often leave still usable cardboard boxes for people like you to use for their move

Let the packing process begin

You have your list, you’ve bought all the packing supplies you will ever need. Now is the time to start packing. There’s a reason why so many people put it off until the last moment. It takes a lot of time and is generally considered boring and difficult. But the last thing you want is for movers Ogunquit ME to show up without you having everything ready. That will only lead to you rushing through it and making mistakes. So, start early.

How early should you start packing for a long distance move in Maine?

There’s no one answer that covers just how early packing for a long distance relocation in Maine should start. But, as a rule of thumb, you should start your preparation as early as two months before your move.

  • You’ll spend the first two weeks cleaning and organizing your belongings
  • About 5 weeks before your move you should start thinking about decluttering and getting rid of items you no longer need
  • Within 3 weeks of your move, you should already have movers locked in
  • You should start your packing process in the last 2 weeks before your move

Make sure you stay on top of things when the moving day arrives, even if you’ve packed everything. Keep an eye on the weather forecast for Maine, just in case it rains. If it does, you will need to find a way to keep some of your more sensitive items dry. Either cover the boxes with something or make sure you have a dry way to the moving truck.

In which order to pack your items?

Every household is different, so again, there’s no one answer that covers everything. The best that you can do is do what seems logical. Professional movers in NH usually go room by room, making sure to separate fragile items and put them in separate boxes. Your kitchen will be one of the most difficult rooms to pack, so you should at least plan how to pack it first.

two girls packing
Pack in witch ever order seems most logical for your unique moving situation

Packing for a long distance move in Maine can be easy with a good plan

The best plan that you can have for your packing efforts is your checklist. It will guide you and keep you on track. By having a good checklist when packing for a long distance move in Maine you will minimize the chance of making a mistake. There are also many ways to streamline the packing process, but they only truly work if you are well organized. Always remember to start early and to keep track of your items. With just a little bit of planning, you will have an easy time packing and your relocation will be a success.