The ultimate tips for packing and moving bulky items

Moving is a complex process. It consists of numerous tasks. Some of them are fairly easy. But others may prove to be a significant challenge. Packing and moving bulky items fall under the latter category. Handling these items can not only be tricky. It can also be dangerous. That’s why our movers in NH recommend that you use the following tips, and minimize the risks.

Packing and moving bulky items will be easier if you don’t do it alone

Bulky items are not only difficult to pack, but also difficult to move. And trying to do so on your own can result in serious injury. Gather friends and family when the time comes to move, bribe them with some pizza, and let them take some weight off your shoulders.

Packing and moving bulky items will be easier with the help of professional movers.
Antique pieces of furniture can be incredibly difficult to move due to their weight, size, or value.

Of course, the best option is to hire professional Saco Maine movers and let them do the job for you. They not only possess the experience and expertise necessary. They also have specialized tools that will make the job so much easier and faster. And most importantly – infinitely safer.

Disassemble items for easier handling

Dismantling bulky items may be the best way to pack and transport them. Especially in case of long-distance relocation, such as moving from NH to MA, for instance. Securing them will be easier when they are disassembled and you’ll be saving a lot of space in the moving truck. However, be mindful not to damage something. Use appropriate tools and ask for help from someone more knowledgeable. Its nothing to be ashamed of, and asking for help certainly costs less than having to repair or, in the worst case, replace the item.

Be mindful not to lose smaller pieces like screws and such and such when disassembling. For those smaller items, it is a good idea to get a few ziplock bags, and put everything in them, as you go. After that, close them tightly and tape them to the inside of the furniture piece. That way you’ll always know where they are.

Some pieces of furniture can be made lighter without much effort

Remove drawers and shelves from bulky pieces of furniture. This way, you’re reducing the weight. After you’ve done this, loading and unloading will be much easier.

Protect the items

Unless you’re using the “ax method”, some of the largest items won’t fit in moving boxes. Since this is the case, you will need to find different ways to protect them from damage.

Make sure you stock up on enough bubble wrap before you start packing and moving bulky items.
Bubble wrap can provide optimal protection for your bulky furniture.

Use several layers of bubble wrap to protect your item, and secure it in place with packing tape. Don’t get any packing tape on the item itself since it can damage it. If you wanna take extra precautions, you can use artists or painters tape instead. Both can be easily removed without leaving a sticky residue or damaging your belongings.

Utilize specialized tools when packing and moving bulky items

It will make your life easier, and the process of packing and moving bulky items safer. Utilize dollies, hand trucks, and lifting straps. Ask around your local hardware stores. Some of them offer the option to rent all of these tools at a reasonable fee.