Packing a home grill for relocation

No matter how big or small, packing a home grill for the move can’t be that simple! There are numerous things you need to do, like disassembling, cleaning, and then packing! People can easily get lost in the process and break something up before they even pack the grill. Luckily for you, we thought it would be a good idea to write down a small guide on how to do it properly. Once you read our article, you will know what you need to do in order to pack and move your home grill!

Before packing a home grill get all the necessary tools and supplies

The thing is, unlike any other item in your home, you need a different set of tools and supplies if you wish to properly pack your grill for relocation. Now, you can do it a couple of weeks before you move, but the point is to get the proper tools. Depending on what kind of grill you are transporting you will have to get a different set of equipment. For instance, electric grills are easy to transport. Because all you have to do is to take off the cooking grid and clean it from grease. You will need a single head broiler! They are perfect tools to get that stubborn grease from the cooking grid. Also, you should look for proper degreasing detergents that can help you with your cleaning.

a person cleaning and then Packing a home grill for relocation
Clean everything before packing a home grill for relocation

Packing a home grill for relocation is a really hard thing to do if you leave it dirty. Most of the times items can fall down on it and get all that grease on them. This can prove almost impossible to cleanout. Now, when it comes to packing grills you can either chose to do it yourself or leave it to the professionals. They probably have all the necessary supplies you would need to properly pack your grill. Just don’t forget to mention this to your movers Manchester NH when you call them to schedule your relocation!

Disassemble the grill

The best thing you can do when packing a home grill is to disassemble it! This way it is easier to clean every part, and it may use less space when packing for the move. Remember, every screw, bolt, nuts should be kept in a small box or a bag! That’s the best way to keep them safe and avoid losing necessary parts of your grill. When you disassemble your grill, clean every part. And we do mean every part of the grill. Even screws, nuts and bolts! They all get greasy and can get full of chark over the period of time! That’s the best way to pack your grill for relocation!

A smoking grill
It’s easier to pack and move your grill if you disassemble it first

No matter how long your relocation is, you should try to spare every empty space in the moving truck and your boxes. If you wish to pack your whole grill as one, you may end up using more space then you really need. And, that can lead to higher moving estimate, since grills can take a lot of space. And you really do not need that. So, don’t forget to disassemble your grill before you pack it for moving from NH to MA!

Wrapping and transporting when packing a home grill

As we already mentioned, it all depends on the type of grill you are transporting. You see, small portable grills are easy to transport. But, what happens when you are about to move stationary grills? Yes, this is the tricky part! Especially if they have any fragile parts on them. Once you are done cleaning and disassembling your grill, you should start packing them for your relocation. The easiest way to do it is to use old cardboard boxes. Because there would be some remanence of oil and grease, do not wrap them in any textile or blankets you would use later. Instead, use old cardboard boxes and a lot of ropes. Use ropes to tighten the cardboard around the grill so they won’t fall off during the relocation! This will make packing a home grill easier!

There is a problem though if you are thinking about moving gas grills. They are huge, and require a lot of attention! And in order to pack them for the move, you need to know how to properly maintain and disassemble gas grill! Remember: these are a completely different beast.

Empty the grill

Now, if we are talking about gas grills or any other grills that use some kind of flammable energy sources, you should empty them completely. This will only become a fire hazard if you move them during the heat. In order to do it properly, just detach the gas cylinders from the grill and make sure you shut them completely. It is important not to let any gas leak from the cylinders!

A gas bbq grill
Always detach the gas cylinders before moving!

Most of the time movers will reject to move any easily flammable items if they are either badly packed or not prepared for relocation at all. This is why it’s important to know what things not to do when packing for the relocation! This information will help you avoid trouble in later stages of the move.

Always use proper packing materials for packing a home grill

Moving any item that operates on flammable liquids or gases requires special items and preparation to move. You should always have some kind of flame-resistant items you can use to wrap the grill, just to be sure there can’t be any sparks. Just to be safe! Also, there are numerous packing supplies you can use for your relocation, and the thing is you should know more about them. And if a question what kind of packing supplies there are and how to use them bothers you, then you should try to find all the answers online. It will make your relocation much easier!