Organizing a storage unit – pro tips

If you ever find yourself noticing an abundance of items around your home that simply don’t have a proper place, and always seem to get in the way, take it as a good sign that you are in need of a storage unit. You might think that this option of additional space is only for people who plan on relocating. However, we beg to disagree. You don’t have to wait for movers Dover NH to tell you that you need more room. Whenever you need extra space, whether it is for your winter clothes, hobby equipment or old memories, you are a fine candidate for storage. And organizing a storage unit is an essential part of having one. So, let’s see some of the best tips regarding this process.

Make an inventory of all the items you plan on storing

In order to truly organize your storage unit, this is a step you cannot circumvent. When storing a bunch of items, there is no possible way you can remember where everything is. For this reason, it is smart to label your boxes as soon as you pack them. Make sure to create a list that corresponds with your labeling method. It ought to contain every item you have packed, while the boxes can have only the numbers or certain words describing what’s inside written on them. There is basically no wrong way to do this, as long as you are able to tell where everything is. It is also a good idea to create a sort of a map indicating where your belongings are located inside the unit. This is especially convenient if your storage unit is particularly big.

A checklist
When there is organization, there has to be a list.

Considering another option

If you want to go the extra mile and make your storage unit extra fancy, consider investing in clear plastic bins. Now, don’t get us wrong, cardboard boxes are perfectly fine in every sense of that word. Plastic bins can be viewed as a minor upgrade. Instead of digging through a cardboard box looking for the item you need, you can be a gentlemen or a lady a simply see where everything is through the clear plastic. A neat feature worth considering, if you have money to spare. 

When organizing a storage unit, make sure to disassemble furniture, and store items upright

Apart from allowing you to organize more efficiently, this action will also maximize the space you have at your disposal. So, prior to placing large furniture items in your storage units North Hampton NH, make sure to take them apart first. This means removing headboards, bed frames, and mattresses. Don’t forget to disassemble the table legs as well. Now, a proper way of storing them would be to individually place them in a vertical position towards the back of a storage unit. Mattresses are exceptions to this rule since they ought to be stored lying flat. Keeping headboards and items alike upright will save you an abundance of space, and allow easier navigation through the unit.

A wooden kitchen table
Organizing a storage unit means being creative and efficient with the space you have at your disposal.

If your dining table does not come with removable legs, use it as extra shelving inside the storage unit. Just make sure to protect the board with a plastic wrap, or something alike.

Proper placement of boxes and other items when organizing a storage unit

Now there are a few simple rules to follow that will ensure you take as much of this storage unit as possible. We will start with the most important ones:

  • Items you most frequently use should have easy access

Chances are that you will use your winter clothes in 9 months tops. However, you probably won’t be needing that extra couch any time soon. So, the items that you are more than likely to use at least once a year in these situations classify as belongings of frequent requirements. As such, they should find their place in an easy-to-reach spot. This usually means placing them in the front, and on top of other boxes, so as to ensure you don’t have to dig far and deep in order to retrieve them.

  • Heavy and large items should go in the back

When starting to load your storage unit, make sure to start with items that are the largest in size. Apart from ensuring they have enough space, you are creating a good base for other items. Starting with smaller items can result in damage and inaccessibility. So, furniture and heavy boxes are the first things you should grab, and find a place for at the back of the unit. Continue loading it gradually, following the size difference from biggest to smallest. 

A man carrying a stack of boxes.
When stacking boxes, start with the biggest, and work your way up gradually with smaller ones.
  • When organizing a storage unit, you want to go vertical

This will ensure there is enough space for you to move around and navigate through the items-made corridors. Boxes need to be stacked high, and furniture kept upright. If it so happens that you are storing bookcases or shelves, do not leave that space free, and fill it with smaller boxes, and other fitting items. You can even consider adding some shelves yourself, so as to ensure easier access and the better organization overall. If your storage unit is particularly hight, consider keeping a foldable ladder or step stool inside the unit.

An additional word of advice

Whenever you are storing items inside a storage unit, you must be aware of the company’s policy. This means getting properly informed on the items that are prohibited. In addition, you ought to choose carefully the storage unit you plan on using. It needs to be of the proper size, clean and free of any pests. Before you start organizing a storage unit, you want to make sure all of your items are clean. This will keep them safe until you come back to take them home.