New Hampshire Cities to Look Out for in 2023

New Hampshire is the state that many people are considering moving to. And for a good reason. New Hampshire offers so many opportunities! The state is beautiful and it offers a special feeling in fall. There are a lot of New Hampshire cities to look out for in 2023. New Year brings us new opportunities, new desires, wishes, and decisions. Maybe your new decision will be to move to New Hampshire and start a new life. Whatever your decision is, when you are moving, you should consider hiring movers. That is a fact and trying to do it on your own, can be difficult! Especially when it comes to long distance relocations. For that reason, look for movers in NH as soon as you decide you want to move to NH. Before that, keep reading to see what city can be the right one for you.

What Can the State of New Hampshire Offer?

Some things are a little different than the other states. Life here is different. It is calmer! People who come to this state like a peaceful life. New Hampshire is known for its stunning natural landscapes, granite production, its vibrant arts, and cultural scene, and it is a history center of the American Revolution. It is called the Switzerland of America because of its scenic beauty.

A house in one of the New Hampshire cities to look out for in 2023
New Hampshire is a peaceful state with amazing old houses

Diverse wildlife and beauty

This is a wild state. A lot of wild animals to see and possibly hunt if you are a hunter. Animals include red foxes, moose, deer, and bobcats. A big number of birds also live here because there are a lot of forests here.

Early presidential primary

People in this state have an opportunity for voters on elections to be heard because since 1920 New Hampshire became the first state to hold a presidential primary in every election cycle. This gives them a powerful influence on the outcome of the presidential election.

Live free or die

This refers to the independent spirit of the people of New Hampshire. A phrase that was made famous by Revolutionary General John Stark. It became the official motto in 1945, And people who are living here have a free spirit and they look at things differently.

How to Choose the New Hampshire Cities to Look Out for in 2023?

Because new Hampshire offers a lot of good things, it can be tricky to decide which one you want to visit or move to. They are all great, it all depends on what you want from the city or a town. Here you have a lot of beautiful villages that will blow your mind. A lot of people move from big cities searching for peace. We will discuss different places and what you can expect from them. The best thing for you to do is to sit down, talk with your family, and decide together what direction you want to go. If you are single, the decision making process can be easier. When you know what you want, everything is much easier. If you are relocating below 50 miles, local movers NH will do a quick and efficient relocation!

Let’s start with the biggest ones – Manchester

Manchester is the home of 115,462 people. This is one of the biggest cities in New Hampshire. It is the center of this state. As you can see, the cities in this state are not so big. That is why here you have peace.  This city has the lowest poverty rate in the U.S., at 7.3%. This is also one of the healthiest cities and also the safest. People respect each other, they follow the rules and they live free. Manchester has a continental climate with long and cold winters and also hot summers. Fall is amazing in this state! Maybe the best season of the year in this state because of the beautiful colors of the leaves. This city is worth visiting and maybe moving eventually.

A forest in fall in one of the New Hampshire cities to look out for in 2023
New Hampshire in the fall

A historic seaport – Portsmouth

This is a really small city. Only 22,000 residents live here. With plenty of interesting shops, history to explore, and wonderful places to eat, it’s no wonder that it is such a tourist destination for people. And the prices are not so big. They are below the USA average and this is also something that attracts many. We can see that inflation is eating our money and we are becoming poorer ever every day. Well, movers Portsmouth NH didn’t raise their prices. They are still the same and the service that they offer is amazing.

Derry in NH

When we talk about New Hampshire cities to look out for in 2023, this is the city to visit for sure. This is the birthplace of Alan Shepard. For those who don’t know, he is the first astronaut from USA in the space. Everyone who has moved here describes it as a good place to live. People are friendly and they are very pleasant and their community is strong. Almost 34,000 people live here. It is not a big city, but you have everything you ever wished for. People work with one another and it makes it an enjoyable place to stay and live in. There are movers in Derry NH and they know this place well. Your relocation with them will be fast and you won’t even feel it. If you are just visiting this place, there are commodities where you can stay for a low amount of money.

Man on a beach spreading arms in one of the New Hampshire cities to look out for in 2023
Live free or die is the official motto of people in New Hampshire


A lot of magazines describe this place as one of the best New Hampshire cities to visit in 2023. This is a really old city. It was established in 1638. The first people who moved here were farmers. That is how it started. Living in Exeter offers residents a dense suburban feel. Most of the residents own their homes, to be honest, it can be quite hard to relocate here because people are not renting or selling that much. It is a real place to live in. Also, movers in Exeter NH are well-connected people here and also know the place well. Maybe they could help with you moving here and maybe finding the right place for you to live in. But, visiting this place is a must if you decide to visit New Hampshire.

Packing in a bubble wrap
Packing can be quite boring!

Things to do in Dover

Dover is another amazing city among New Hampshire cities to look out for in 2023. And that is why because the cost of living in this city is below the USA and New Hampshire average. 2% lower cost of living than New Hampshire average, 4% cheaper housing than the USA average. Only utilities are a little pricier. 4% more expensive that the average. What is also interesting here?

  • Children’s Museum of New Hampshire
  • Bellamy River wildlife management area
  • Henry Law Park
  • Hilton Park
  • Cocheco Mills

There are just some of the places that you can visit in this mid-size city with 35,000 residents. We highly recommend movers Dover NH when relocating. Read online about them and you will see why!


What is different about this city with 23,106 residents is classical English architecture. It offers a lot of delicious restaurants, award-winning entertainment, world-class art, and engaging museums. People who have retired love this city and a lot of older people relocate here. If you are not planning to relocate here, we still suggest that you visit this place! It is worth visiting at any time of the year. This city with the strange name will blow your mind.

New Years's night in one of the New Hampshire cities to look out for in 2023
New Year in one of the New Hampshire cities to look out for in 2023 is amazing

North Hampton

Also, one of the New Hampshire cities to look out for in 2023 that offers a lot. It offers residents a suburban rural mix feel and most of the people living here own their homes. One of the perks when coming here is to rent a storage unit. The storage unit is a space that movers or other companies offer in exchange for money. Here you can put a lot of stuff that you don’t use at the moment or want to keep safe. There are different storage solutions and the best way to find out about them is to contact storage units North Hampton NH and find out everything about them. North Hampton is a town to consider.

Piano in a living room
Movers are essential when relocating a piano

Another New Hampshire city to look out for in 2023 is Somersworth

This city is safe. The crime rate since 2017 has declined by 25,79%. It was originally called “Sligo” as part of Dover. It was organized in 1729 as “Summersworth”, meaning “summer town”. Later it changed its name to Somersworth. You should consider this city. It is well organized and this was an industrial city early 1800-s. Once it was a mill town beginning with sawmills and gristmills. It is not hard to find movers in Somersworth NH. They are well known for their professionalism and experience.


Londonderry is known for its apple orchards. It is such a friendly community to live in. It is more Manchester suburb. A lot of people use the advantages of living in this suburban area and use the advantages of big cities like Manchester. Here people have plenty of jobs where they can work and earn money. This town also has a good public school, so you don’t have to worry about your kid’s education. When they grow up, they have a Boston University which is pretty highly rated in this part of the USA. Additionally, movers from Londonderry NH are good highly-rated movers that can move you here in no time. If you decide on this place, you know who to call.

Moving Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

There is one thing that we want to mention about moving that will make everything much easier, and that thing is packing. When you decide what New Hampshire city you want to relocate to, you need to pack. And to be honest, it’s not fun. A lot of people have trouble packing when relocating. It takes a lot of time and it is boring. It is also easy to forget things if you don’t know what you have, what you need, and if it is worth bringing at all. To avoid this, use packing services NH and make everything much easier. They have the knowledge and experience for this. They will do it much faster. Remember that you still need to be involved because they don’t know what you need. Just organize the stuff and decide what to bring. The rest is on them!

Specialized moving

We all own different things in our houses. And the relocation of some can be a challenge! They can be heavy, massive, and hard to move. We talk about things like a piano, a painting that is worth a lot of money, machinery, and your whole business. For all that there is a solution! Movers managed to evolve and offer different services. There is a possibility to opt for hire piano movers in NH. It is always the best option to hire them if you have this kind of load. Pianos are expensive, they should be moved carefully and you need specialized equipment that most people don’t have. Why risk damaging your piano when you can hire others with more experience to do that? And one thing to remember, a lot of cases are registered with dislocated discs and injuries during the relocation of heavy stuff.

Take Advantage of This Perfect Life

If you are searching for the perfect and amazing life that is full of joy and happiness, this is it. If you are searching for peace and not so fast life, you don’t need to search more. You have everything here. Boston is big, so if you ever want something different in your life and more exciting, you can always go there. Consider all the state of New Hampshire cities to look out for in 2023 that we mentioned earlier. Decide what you want and search for help from movers to make the transition and moving easier.