Moving while injured – make it easier on yourself

If your long-time scheduled relocation is approaching and you still haven’t recovered from that bad injury you suffered, you need to think of a way to make it easier on yourself. Moving is a very complicated and exhausting process, and moving while injured can sometimes be nearly impossible. Of course, a lot of it depends on the level of your injury. If you only have an injured finger, you could do a lot during your relocation. If you are injured in a way that is preventing you to walk, then you will need to get professional help. Call your movers Pelham NH to pack and move your belongings. But, you should seriously consider hiring a professional caregiver to provide you with medical assistance if you are moving alone and you have mobility issues.

Planning is crucial when moving while injured

Injured or not, if you are planning to move, you need to make a good strategy. You need to do many things during a move.  So, you need to think about everything. And, when you need to do so many things, surely you will forget something. That is why good planning and preparation is crucial before the move. Think about finding moving services NH to hire for your relocation. If you are seriously injured and you can’t pack on your own, you need to hire packing services as well. If you only have minor injuries and you want to pack on your own, you need to get packing supplies. Also, count that it will take you more time to pack when injured. So you will need to start packing well in advance. Find some to hire as assistance if you have mobility issues and prepare mobility aids if necessary.

Truck of reliable moving company that will help you move while injured
Hire a reliable moving company if you are moving while injured

Find a reliable moving company

When you are planning to move, finding a good and reliable moving company is always a priority. But, that is easier to be said than done. Of course, you will use the internet to search for a moving company. But, how to know what moving company is trustworthy enough to do your relocation? There are hundreds of moving companies on the web. And plain googling won’t tell you much. If you really want to find a reliable moving company you will need to dig a little bit deeper. Find moving-related forums like, or, and read the reviews about specific companies you are interested in. Check their business on Better Business Bureau. If they have some unsatisfied customers, surely you will find them here.  The last thing is to call them end get their estimate. Take notice if they address you professionally and are they polite.

Another thing you need to check is that they are members of AMSA, American Moving and Storage Association. And check if they offer insurance and do they have all proper licenses and certificates to operate as a moving company.

Preparing for packing while injured

If you decided to pack on your own, make sure you start with it on time. If you are injured you will be much slower than usual. And you will need to take more breaks. Make sure that you have all necessary packing supplies before you begin. If you need to get those, check with your local movers NH if they provide packing supplies to their customers. Explain your situation and they will deliver the supplies to your doorstep. However, before you order your packing materials you need to know how many things you have to pack.  That mostly refers to the number of boxes you will need for your packing. So, go through your stuff and try to make a precise inventory list. Then you will know exactly how much packing supplies you will need.

List of necessary packing supplies

  • The most essential things you need to prepare when moving are moving boxes.
  • Plastic bags
  • Moving blankets
  • Wrapping foil with bubbles
  • Packing tapes
  • Few tools
  • Labels and stickers
Injured finger that is stopping you from moving normally
Take it easy if you pack alone while injured

Packing on your own while injured

When you are injured, the smartest thing to do is to hire packing services NH to pack your stuff. If you think that that is an unnecessary expense, you can try to pack alone. The most important thing to remember is if you are not well and you need to pack alone, take it slow. Make sure you have enough days ahead of you, so you don’t need to rush and risk suffering additional injuries. If you can it would be good to ask someone to help you. Maybe a friend, neighbor or some family member. If not, take it step by step and leave the most difficult things for your moving crew.

Medical assistant pushing a wheelchair
Hire someone to help you move

Hire professional assistance if you are moving while injured

If you have mobility issues you need to find someone to assist you during your move. If you don’t have anyone close that could be you caregiver during the trip, you will need to hire professional assistance. You can search the internet to find agencies that can help you find a good caregiver to assist you during your relocation. Your caregiver needs to be ready to travel with you and to stay there for a few days if necessary.

Get mobility aids if you are moving while injured

Make sure that you have all mobility aids and equipment to make it easier on yourself. If you don’t already have a wheelchair you can rent it. Also, crutches, walking canes, and walking frames are all available to rent. You just need to pick the one that suits the degree of your injury.  But, if you have trouble walking in any way, you should definitely rent a wheelchair for your move. You will have many miles to pass during your move, so there is a great possibility to injure yourself additionally. And using a wheelchair during a move will surely prevent that from happening.