Moving to Portsmouth NH 101

Embarking on a new adventure is always a blend of excitement and trepidation, and relocating your life to Portsmouth NH is no different. Consider this your all-access guide to navigating the complexity of a move, transforming it into a journey of discovery and fresh beginnings. Steeped in history and alive with charm, Portsmouth is a vibrant community with enchanting coastal living. However, it’s not just the allure of a new city that will make this transition smoother. Imagine trading the daunting task of boxing and lifting for a chance to explore your future neighborhood or spend a tranquil moment by the Piscataqua River. That’s where our professional movers from Preferred Movers NH step in. They take the burden off your shoulders, transforming the conventional stress of moving to Portsmouth into an effortlessly streamlined process. So, prepare to embrace the joy of new beginnings as we make your move truly enjoyable.

What to know before moving to Portsmouth

When you decide to move to a new place, wherever it might be, apart from hiring movers and other relocation-related activities, you need to find out everything about your future hometown. Finding movers Portsmouth on time is important, indeed. However, if you don’t know what to expect and if you are not prepared, not even the best movers can make your relocation easier. So, before you start packing, consider:

  • the cost of living;
  • job opportunities;
  • education system;
  • community and lifestyle.
A church in the nature in NH
You will have to get used to a different lifestyle after moving to Portsmouth

Learning all this is important because you will probably need to adapt and change your habits and routines. For instance, if you live in Kingston, after you move to Portsmouth with some of the best movers in Kingston NH, you will have to get used to the different lifestyle. So, soak in the knowledge, and you will be ready.

Cost of living

Regarding economic aspects, it’s worth acknowledging that the cost of living in Portsmouth skews above the national average, chiefly attributable to the housing market. The prevailing housing situation, as of 2023, indicates that the median home price in this picturesque town stands at roughly $450,000. This figure surpasses the average for the country as a whole. Rentals, too, follow suit, with a two-bedroom apartment costing tenants an average of $1,500 monthly. This rental trend is slightly higher than you might find in other comparable cities, such as Rye. However, hiring movers Rye NH and moving to Portsmouth is worth it because the story doesn’t end at simple numbers.

When you delve deeper into life in Portsmouth, it becomes abundantly clear why residents choose to bear these costs. The city brims with a sense of community that breathes life into its streets, infusing vibrancy into the everyday life of its inhabitants. The extraordinary quality of life, encompassing elements such as access to top-notch education, a thriving job market, and safety, further justifies these elevated living costs. Moreover, the proximity to natural splendors and an array of cultural offerings is a bonus that Portsmouth residents enjoy. The Piscataqua River, stunning coastline, and countless green spaces offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. Simultaneously, the city’s rich history, arts scene, and diverse dining experiences offer an unmatched cultural immersion.

Students in front of a school after moving to Portsmouth
Portsmouth had a great education system

Taken together, these factors create a comprehensive living experience that many Portsmouth residents believe justifies the higher cost of living. Their willingness to invest in this lifestyle is a testament to the city’s charm and the rewarding life it promises its inhabitants.

Job opportunities

Portsmouth boasts a dynamic economy with a low unemployment rate, often below the national average. The healthcare, education, and tourism sectors dominate the city’s economic landscape. The Pease International Tradeport is a significant job provider, housing over 250 businesses, including tech start-ups, biotech firms, and professional service providers. Additionally, top employers include Portsmouth Regional Hospital and the local school district, offering diverse opportunities for professionals in various fields.

Education system

Portsmouth’s education system is considered among the best in the state. The city has four elementary schools, a middle school, and Portsmouth High School, all known for their strong academic programs. The average student-teacher ratio is about 12:1, and the district’s graduation rate is an impressive 90%. For post-secondary education, the nearby University of New Hampshire and Great Bay Community College offers a range of programs, making a move to Portsmouth an excellent decision since this is the place for families prioritizing education.

Community and lifestyle

Portsmouth’s community and lifestyle truly set it apart. The city is known for its supportive, friendly, and active residents. The bustling farmers’ market, community festivals like the Fire & Ice Festival in February, and the summer-long Prescott Park Arts Festival are testament to the community’s cohesion and vibrancy. It’s a city that encourages active and sustainable living with plenty of biking trails and walkable neighborhoods. Plus, a low crime rate adds to Portsmouth’s appeal, making it a welcoming and safe place to call home.

A man working in an office
Portsmouth offers great job opportunities

How to prepare for a move to Portsmouth?

The first thing that we recommend you avoid is the ‘do it yourself’ move. This can be done by those that are greatly proficient in the matter. The moving industry has been on the rise. With its rise, there has been the establishment of many moving companies. More moving companies mean the prices of professional moving services will decrease. So why go through all the trouble of doing everything yourself when you can hire professionals for you? Nowadays, you can hire professionals for every aspect of your relocation, even find pool table movers in NH. So, why risk anything when experts have got you covered?

Doing the move yourself is risky. First, it is difficult because you could get hurt, which is the worst possible scenario. If you are not armed with the proper experience and the appropriate tools, you could get seriously hurt. For instance, if you are trying to carry a couch down the stairs and, unfortunately, trip and fall, you could have a huge piece of furniture land on top of you. This could not only break the furniture but also grievously hurt you. The same goes for other bulky items, such as pianos or instruments. For a little bit of extra money, you can hire piano movers NH and avoid all this risk.

Hiring professional moving services

When you are moving, you should prioritize finding a professional moving company that will take care of all the heavy lifting for you. This way, you are safe and will have far more time to spare. Moving should not be a stressful event. It should be a celebratory happening where you and your family begin a new chapter in your life. Why go through all the stress and risk when you could enjoy every second of it while moving professionals take care of your belongings? This is the perk of hiring moving professionals when moving to Portsmouth. But how do you do it to save money? The trick is to plan everything ahead of time. If you can do this, you will be able to save a lot of money in advance.

Finding a moving company ahead of time

The trick is to be able to plan a couple of months in advance. You can start looking online and find companies that are near you. Moving companies have a very neat trick where they are able to offer substantial discounts to those that can plan their move ahead of time. This is because the primary objectives of all such companies are to have worked all year round. By offering such discounts, they ensure they have work to do throughout the year.

Packed moving boxes
Prepare for a move on time

Another benefit of being able to plan in advance is the fact that you will give yourself plenty of choices. The more time you have, the more moving companies you can call. Each company whose website you visit will have the contact us section on the Homepage. Have all the moving companies you contact give you moving estimates. This can be done over the phone or by having a moving agent show up at the site. If the latter happens, the moving estimate will be far more accurate. If you can, in this manner, collect three or four moving estimates, you will give yourself the power of choice. You will then choose the one that suits you the best and proceed from there.

Trust your movers

When moving to Portsmouth and when deciding to hire professional moving assistance, place your trust in them. Not saying that you do not know what you are doing, but the odds are that the moving professionals will know better. Having this said, allow them to recommend the best way to proceed. They will share their insight based on years of experience and maybe even recommend packing services in NH. This is all in favor of having you go through a comfortable relocation. However, your word is final, and if you feel like doing things your way, your moving professionals will gladly abide.

People in a park
Enjoy your life in Portsmouth NH

Prepare well and enjoy your move to Portsmouth

Overall, moving should not be a stressful event. And by placing your trust in movers such as Preferred Movers NH, you will make it so. Take the time and spend it with your family, celebrating this new chapter in your life. Let the allure of the city of Portsmouth and its promise of a fulfilling life inspire you as you embark on this new journey. Ultimately, it’s not just about moving to a new house but about creating a new home after moving to Portsmouth. So, prepare well and look forward to the beautiful journey in Portsmouth.