Moving to NH from MA – Guidelines

Undoubtedly, the idea of uprooting your life from MA and setting down new roots in NH is as thrilling as it is daunting. The journey is not just physical but also emotional as you leave behind the familiar and embrace the new. However, it’s important to remember that even the most arduous journeys can be made less stressful with the right support and planning. Hiring professional movers in NH can drastically reduce the burden and ensure a smoother transition. With their extensive knowledge and experience, they are well-equipped to handle the logistics of a long distance move. Apart from finding reliable movers, you need to research other aspects before moving to NH from MA. Also, you will need some tips to make the process of relocation simple. Keep reading and get ready!

What to know before moving to NH from MA?

Before contacting state to state movers and making a move from MA to NH, understanding the differences between the two states is crucial. For every move, you need to research certain features, and these destinations are no exception. So, get informed about:

  • Understand the cost of living
  • Climate and environment
  • Education system
  • No sales or income tax
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Employment opportunities
Rolled dolalr bills
NH is generally more affordable than MA

The cost of living

When considering the cost of living in New Hampshire compared to Massachusetts, it’s essential to delve into the specifics. According to the most recent data, housing costs in NH are significantly lower than in MA. For instance, the median home cost in MA is around $455,000, while in NH, it’s approximately $325,000. This significant reduction can provide ample opportunity for financial flexibility. In terms of healthcare, while both states have high-quality care, NH’s healthcare costs are marginally higher than MA’s, which can be one of the reasons for moving from NH to MA. According to a recent study, NH residents spend around $8,000 per capita on healthcare annually, compared to around $7,800 in MA. However, NH is generally more affordable, so moving to NH from MA is more common.

For transportation costs, commuting in NH can be slightly more expensive due to longer distances between cities and towns and a less extensive public transit system. For example, the average gas price in NH is approximately $2.75 per gallon, slightly higher than the MA average of $2.65.

Climate and environment

New Hampshire boasts a beautiful natural environment with stunning fall colors, winter sports opportunities, and summer lakefront activities. However, the climate can be significantly colder and snowier than in Massachusetts, particularly in the winter months. Be prepared for this shift in weather patterns, and ensure your new home is well-equipped for winter conditions.

A car on a snowy road
NH is colder during the winter

Education system

New Hampshire’s education system is highly regarded, providing excellent opportunities for children and adults alike. The state’s public schools are consistently ranked among the best in the country, thanks to their high standard of teaching and rich variety of extracurricular activities. Notably, Phillips Exeter Academy, one of the top-ranked private high schools in the country, is located in Exeter. Additionally, the University of New Hampshire is known for its research and development contributions.

No sales or income tax

One of the significant financial benefits of living in New Hampshire is the absence of general sales tax and personal income tax. This difference can add up to considerable savings over time, especially for higher-income earners. However, it’s important to note that New Hampshire’s property taxes are among the highest in the nation, which could affect homeowners. For example, in Manchester, the largest city in NH, the property tax rate is around 2.04%.

Outdoor recreation

Outdoor enthusiasts will love the diverse range of recreational activities available in New Hampshire. The state boasts stunning landscapes, from the rugged White Mountains, perfect for hiking and skiing, to the tranquil waters of Lake Winnipesaukee, ideal for boating and fishing. Notably, the state’s Franconia Notch State Park, home to the famous Flume Gorge, offers an unforgettable outdoor experience with its hiking trails, waterfalls, and stunning vistas.

Employment opportunities

New Hampshire’s economy is robust and diverse, with a low unemployment rate. The state’s primary industries are healthcare, education, manufacturing, and retail trade. For example, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, one of the country’s leading healthcare organizations, is a significant employer in the state. Additionally, the tech industry is experiencing growth in New Hampshire, with tech firms like DEKA Research and Development offering exciting opportunities for professionals in the field.

A person working in an office after moving to NH from MA
Moving to NH from MA brings many job opportunities

Organize your move the right way

Moving to NH from MA is not a move you want to underestimate. It is something that you need to plan carefully and weigh out all the risks beforehand. Additionally, you need support from a professional moving company. Not having one could have dire consequences for your relocation. You will probably need different moving services NH, so start thinking about booking them on time. Long distance moving is something you probably cannot do with a group of friends and some food. Everything you own must travel across the state to get to your new home. Plus, it needs to get there unharmed and undamaged and ready to be placed into your new home. However, there are things you can do to make it easier. So let’s get into it.

Fortunately, long distance movers Massachusetts have done moves like this countless times and know exactly what you can expect. This is not their first rodeo, and it is because of this that you can entrust everything to them. Yes, some could argue that this is the more expensive route. It is. However, you need to understand what you are getting for your money. First, you get to save a lot of time by not doing the move yourself. This is a huge deal. Secondly, you get to have a fully stress-free relocation. Nothing will come your way, causing any stress whatsoever. Lastly, you are perfectly safe. You, your family, and your belongings. With professionals handling everything, there is absolutely nothing that could go wrong. You get to sit back, relax and enjoy the entire show. This peace of mind simply has no price you can put on it.

Steps to take when organizing the move

There are many steps to take while organizing your relocation from MA to NH. The elements of the move you need to think about and take into account are the following:

  • packing
  • taking the items into the truck
  • loading the truck
  • unloading the truck
  • finding a storage unit (if necessary)
  • arriving and transporting the items to the final destination
  • unloading the truck
  • carrying the items in
  • unpacking and settling in

Hiring a professional moving company offers a solution to all these above-mentioned elements. Whatever may happen during the move – professionals will have an answer. So, the best thing you can do, really, is to place your trust in them. Packing is the most time-consuming part of the preparation for moving to NH from MA, so don’t hesitate to use packing services NH. The experts will make it simple and effective.

Packed moving boxes
Organize every aspect of the move

It all starts with a phone call

The first thing we recommend you do is to pick up the phone and give a call to your chosen moving company. This does not create an obligation of any sort. The conversation is free, and it doesn’t mean that you need to hire the moving company in any way. At worst, this is one 5 minute conversation. Five minutes of your time is the worst thing you could ‘lose’. Since there is no risk, there is also no reason why you shouldn’t do it. A short chat never hurt anyone.

In this conversation, you would present your move and all the circumstances around it. Describe the place you are moving from, as well as the place you are moving to. Is it a house or a building? If it is a building, which floor? Does the building have its own parking access, or is it a street guerilla combo? These are some of the questions you might hear.

The reason for these questions is the fact that this moving company is trying to assess your needs and understand your risks. Based on this, they may give some advice if you are willing to accept any. Furthermore, this is something that they would end up basing your moving estimate on. This moving estimate is an estimation of the price of the move. Based on this, you will get a far clearer image of whether you wish to consider hiring them or not.

A person using a phone
Contact reliable movers and enjoy every aspect of your relocation

Enjoy every aspect of your relocation

Moving from Massachusetts to New Hampshire is a significant decision that comes with a plethora of opportunities. The state of New Hampshire has a lower cost of living, an exceptional education system, a lack of sales and income tax, an abundance of outdoor recreation, and varied employment opportunities, making it a compelling choice for many. It’s a state that offers a unique blend of natural beauty, economic stability, and high-quality living standards. However, every move requires careful thought and planning. It’s crucial to hire professionals and plan everything well. Moving to NH from MA is not just about a change in location but about embracing a different lifestyle, opportunities, and adventures that come along with it.