Moving Tips For Moving During The Rain

Moving day can be a stressful day with making sure everything goes according to plan. You have everything packed, moving truck ready to go but then the rain hits. Its discouraging but you should not let the rain stop or delay your move. Preferred-Movers LLC. has many years of experience moving in different weathered conditions and have the right tools to make sure none of your belongings get damaged. We have put together a couple of tips to go by to make sure that your move day goes as smooth as possible even during rain.

Protect Your Belongings

Protecting your belongings is the number one priority when it comes to moving in any situation. This especially is true for when you are moving in either rain or snow. The rain can ruin furniture, artwork and stretch out clothes if they are hanging and get too wet. Making sure everything is packed properly, with padding and covers, is the best way to ensure that your belongings will not get tarnished.

Packing For a Move In The Rain

Many moving companies will offer packing services or supply mattress pads, industrial plastic covers and other items to help assist your move in the rain. To further protect your belongings, make sure everything is packed in properly sealed boxes, as moving boxes are more durable than most people believe. For items that will not fit into boxes or there are articles of clothing you do not wish to pack away, consider the following.

  • Wrap artwork in plastic wrap to prevent rain from getting into the gaps of the frames.
  • Put a large trash bag around groups of clothing that are not going into boxes.
  • Use heavy sheets and blankets to cover and protect wooden furniture from the rain.

Prepare Your Destination Home

Before you make your move, make sure that your new home is prepared for what is to come. Moving in the rain can cause mud and water to get into the new home. To prevent this, put down towels and mats on both sides of the front door as well as where most of the foot traffic will be happening. If it is cold outside make sure that your utilities on so you can turn up the heat right when you arrive. This will prevent any temperature sensitive items to not get damaged. In addition to protecting your home, make sure that whoever is moving is wearing proper footwear. Rain can make conditions slippery and you do not want to break anything while moving.

Prepare Your Moving Vehicle

Before you starting packing the moving truck, you want to make sure you do a check through. If you are moving in the rain you want to look for leaks. If you notice any small holes or leaks, try duct taping the area a couple of times for full protection against water. Inside your moving truck, you might want to line the walls with padding in case there are leaks you missed. That way, the water will get on the padding and not your belongings.

Make An Assembly Line

For moves, either rain or shine, it is important to make an assembly line if you have help moving. This will not only make the process of unloading your moving truck faster but it will also protect your new home’s floors air conditioning repair service mesa. Have people designated to be outside as well as inside. That way less water and mud get traced through the house and you can stay out of the rain as much as possible.

For more moving tips or to schedule a move with our experience moving service, please call us today!