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Are you thinking about moving out of state? Have you grown bored with living in your old place, and feel like you need a breath of fresh air in a new place? Then how about you try moving to New Hampshire? The Granite State, as it is known, offers a variety of amazing perks to living here! Even better, we are welcoming and always glad to have new residents come over! All you really need is to plan out your move, pack up your boxes and call your movers! And there are no better state to state movers than Preferred Movers NH! With us, you don’t really need anything else! So pick up your phone and call us today! Your great New Hampshire move can finally begin!

New Hampshire city - perfect for calling your state to state movers
New Hampshire is full of lovely little places you can live in!

New Hampshire is the perfect state for moving to!

There is a lot of reasons why you would fall in love with New Hampshire! First, we should discuss some basics about the state. You can find our perfect little place in the New England region, right in the northeast of the country. Our neighbors are Massachusetts tot he south, Vermont to the west with Maine on the east. What’s more, we also border the Atlantic Ocean, so you can spend a fun day at the beach any time you want! Finally, we are also neighbors with Canada – the province of Quebec, to be precise – to the north. As you can see, just our geographical position gives a lot of unique opportunities for travel and various activities year-round!

When looking at the area and population, we are ranking low on a lot of lists. We are the 5th smallest state by area, as well as the 10th least populous state in the country. This, however, should not bother you. What it means is that you will have a lot of space for yourself! Also, our natural resources are not tainted by huge populations, oceans of tourists and pollution! When it comes to bigger cities, Manchester is the largest one in the state, while Concord is the capital.

school in New Hampshire
We have amazing natural beauty sights!

An important thing that a lot of people do not know is that New Hampshire has no general sales tax – as well as income tax – other than on interest and dividends. Our motto is “Live Free or Die” and our nickname “The Granite State” comes from the granite formations and quarries all over the state. If these facts don’t tempt you to call the best moving services NH, then we don’t know what will!

Why pick Preferred Movers NH as your state to state movers?

Now that you know more about how marvelous the state of New Hampshire is, let’s talk about actually moving here. As we already mentioned, you should not consider moving long-distance, or from one state to another, without proper moving help. The reasons for this are many but are pretty simple and obvious.

Get experience and time with these state to state movers!

First, having a professional company by your side means you are working with someone who actually knows something about moving. As you are about to see, moving is a complicated and long process. It will include you spending a lot of time just doing logistics and planning. However, if you are working with professional movers, then you are basically skipping this step. While we expertly take care of all your moving logistics, you can focus on other things like packing, dealing with your paperwork, or simply hanging out with your friends. What’s more, there are less room for mistakes if you are working with us. We have been working in the industry for quite some time now, so we know a thing or two about planning a state to state move.

White Mountains
The White Mountains gave North Hampshire its nickname!

The second big perk you will get by calling us for help is that you will be saving a lot of time on your move. As we already mentioned, moving will take quite a lot of time. By getting our help, and while we are taking care of your moving needs, you will gain all this free time you can spend on various chores and pleasures. So, not only will you be getting expert moving help, but you will also get yourself a lot of time. And since time is a luxury in this modern world, we believe that we are giving you quite a lot! But this is not all!

We also have a variety of moving services for you, too!

  • First, we are not only state to state movers – but offer amazing local moving services as well! We have been working in New Hampshire for quite some time now, so we know the area pretty well. You cannot go wrong by picking Preferred Movers NH if moving around the state!
  • Of course, we also offer you professional long-distance moving services. You need to be extra careful when moving long-distance! Forgetting things means you will not be able to go back for them in a few days’ time. Because of this, you need some logistics experts on your side – and there are no better ones than us!
  • Then, we offer the best storage units North Hampton NH has! Sometimes during a move, getting storage is a must! Whether it is to leave your things overnight or to downsize your home is up to you! Our storage it the best in both cases!

The best of all, it is easy to get all of these amazing services! And that’s not all! We offer all sorts of specialized moving services – like piano moving! The best thing is that you don’t need to lift your finger!

Your only job is to contact us! Let Preferred Movers NH be your state to state movers – call us today!

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