Piano Moves

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A Piano is not just a piece of furniture, but a delicate instrument that must be handled with the utmost care. The sheer weight of pianos, many weighing over five hundred pounds and the unusual size and shape can present a challenge when being moved, but not for Preferred Movers.

We can move any piano whether it’s a small spinet or a 7-foot parlor grand. All of our employees are experienced, full-time, professional piano movers NH who have perfected an art form, take pride in their skill, and care about pianos. We do everything, from tight turns to multiple flights, hoisting and craning.

The most important part of moving any piano is packing the piano. We wrap the piano is a series of blankets to prevent scratches and gouges to the piano and the walls. We use special equipment such as piano dollies designed to support the weight and a piano board to make sure the piano is moved safely. In many cases, a piano’s delicate, internal moving parts will need to be secured as well.


The second most important task in moving a piano is planning.
As professionals, we are somewhat inquisitive and you should be prepared to answer some of the following questions:

• Where your piano is currently located

• Type of flooring the piano is currently on

• Where would you like us to bring it, including information about what floor or level it is on and how many steps it will need to be brought up or down

• Measure to make sure the piano will fit in its new location

• Make sure the new location you have chosen is suitable for the piano, it should be free of cold drafts and not close to heating devices

• Type of flooring the piano will be placed on at the new location

• Some information about how your piano was originally moved to its present location (if you know); was a crane required?

• The type of piano (grand, upright, console, etc.)

• Its size and brand name

We hope you understand that the more information we have in advance, the better job we can do for you on Moving Day. If you have any questions at all about your piano, or moving it, please feel free to call us, simply phone us at (603) 379-2272 and we will be glad to arrange your move for you or answer any questions you may have. It is helpful, but not absolutely necessary, to call us at least a week in advance.

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