Looking to move to or from Lawrence, MA? Preferred Movers LLC. can help you do it with a knowledgeable and experienced moving crew! Over the years we have helped residents move to the wonderful town of Lawrence either from a local town nearby or from a different state. We take pride in making sure the moving process is as stress-free as possible as we understand how overwhelming it can be. We honor every customer relationship and want to make sure their satisfaction is met. Lawrence, MA is a great area to move to as families can take part in multiple points of interest as well as a public school system with many public and private institutions. Lawrence also hosts Cambridge College, Suffolk University’s North Campus, and Northern Essex Community College. A few of the points of interest that residents can visit include Heritage State Park, Great Stone Dam, Campagnone Common, and more.

Our second location in Andover, MA allows for our crew members to assist everyone with fast, reliable, and efficient

Residents and businesses can benefit from any one of Preferred Movers additional moving services such as:

If you are thinking of moving to Lawrence, MA and would like to have a stress free and easy moving experience, call Preferred Movers today!

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