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Are you moving to Amesbury Massachusetts? Feeling anxious about all the logistics, packing, and relocating of your items? Worry not – all you need are the best movers Amesbury MA has to offer! And this is exactly what you will get with Preferred Movers NH! If you are looking for a company with years of experience, professional and highly-trained workers, and a variety of moving services – then we are your people! Call us today to get your free estimate and see what makes us the best for you!


Preferred Movers NH – Who are we?

We are a family-operated company, and we possess strong family values. If we are to take care of your move, it will be as if we are moving any of our family members. That means extreme care and dedication. Add to this that we care about the planet and employ only the most eco-friendly choices and that we come at an affordable price, and you have an unbeatable combination! Oh, and we also specialize in Massachusets moves, so feel free to contact us

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Choose the best movers Amesbury MA

You need to take extra care when choosing your movers. If you are looking for long distance movers Massachusetts, for example, try to find ones that have ample experience in that area. The more experience movers have in a particular area, the better your move will be. Apart from experience, you want to hire movers that care about your belongings and your overall moving feel. The best ones will go above and beyond and make your move truly special. This is exactly what you will get with Preferred Movers NH! We are reliable, respectable, and experienced. With years of working in the Amesbury area, we know exactly how to make your move a piece of cake! By tackling the moving logistics head, we will set a good foundation for the future moving process.

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Get the best moving services

The variety of our moving services will help you solve all the moving problems that might arise. As you can imagine – all our services are extremely efficient and reliable. We can do as little or as much for you as you want us to! This way, you can personalize your moving experience to your needs! However, the variety of services that we offer really is huge!

outdoor storage
Do you need a storage unit? Give us a call!

What do we offer for your Amesbury move?

Moving companies offer a wide range of services – basically anything that you might need during the moving period. The same is with us! The only difference is that we go far beyond what you might usually get! We work hard to ensure you are completely happy with the experience, and because of this, we created a good variety of services for you. When moving with us, you can look into:

Local Relocations

The cheapest move to perform, local relocations are when you are moving within the same state, or even within the same city or town. They are the easiest among all of the relocations. However, there is still a lot to worry about here!

You will need to tackle the logistics for this move, for starters. This might require you to look into the ways in which you can transport your furniture – or even how you will get it out of the door. Then, there is packing to consider, as well as how to evade the traffic jams in the cities you are going through, where you will stop for gas and a huge variety of other moving problems. Luckily, we are logistics experts who can help you with this!

Long Distance Relocations

These are the most difficult relocations out of them all. You need to be extra careful to whom you are entrusting your belongings on this long trip. If you are moving from NH to MA, for example, your best bet would be to call us, as we have completed dozens of moves on that route alone!

What’s more, we can ensure that your moves are completely safe during the trip! This is extremely important because the length of the trip means the chances of something awry happening increase. But with us as your movers Amesbury MA, you will not have to worry about this! Thanks to our experience, we will be able to transport your items and furniture with ease!

Commercial Moves

Moving an office differs from residential moves, so we cannot really compare these two. However, it is still not a child’s play! There is a lot of logistics you will need to worry about here as well. You are not moving a family – but an even bigger group of people. Luckily for you, we have a lot of experience with corporate relocation, and we will gladly take this task off your hands!

Storage Solutions

If you need to store any of your items before you can get them to your new home, this is the service for you. You can choose among many storage units, depending on your needs. All of them are secure.

Packing Services

This is the service that you need if you have a lot of things to pack and not enough time or energy to do it. Professional packers will get everything sorted in the fastest time possible.

Special Services

Do you need to move a piano, perhaps? If you consider how difficult it can be, you will surely find out that there needs to be a special service just for that. And there is! Not only pianos, but there are also a lot of other items that are really difficult to move. Well, with these special services, you need not worry about them!

Movers Amesbury offer special services, such as piano relocation.
Moving a piano? No problem! We re here to assist!

What to expect after moving with the help of movers Amesbury MA?

Amesbury has many things going for it, most interesting of which are:

  • Deep, rich, history
  • Awesome Dining places
  • Great and fun events!


Amesbury’s history is well established. Many a great person has its roots in this place. It started in 1637 as an English settlement, first as an area for cultivation and later as a fishing place – further developing into an aggressive maritime industry later down the line. In 1638, the General Court of Massachusetts created a plantation here. The area has gone through many conflicts – first with the Native Americans and later was engulfed by the English Civil War.

In the 19th century, the settlement was oriented towards textile, as well as nail-making. It is said that the nation’s first mechanic nail-making factory was built here! Amesbury continued developing through the ages, with a big focus on industry, and was home to many famous historical figures.

Mary Baker Eddy and John Greenleaf Whittier are among them. Going even further back, Amesbury is best known as being one of the prime and most important carriage makers in the whole world. And, as you might imagine, these facts make the place quite interesting for people to move in.

Fine Dining

If you are a foodie, you will simply love Amesbury. If that is the case, you need not wait anymore! Simply contact any of the movers Amesbury and start packing! Really, the food here is that good. It does not matter what your menu of choice is, you will find it among Amesbury restaurants. If food is your thing, so is Amesbury!

Table at the restaurant
Amesbury has excellent restaurants.

Fun Events

Aside from history and food, entertainment is one of the key parts in choosing a place to live. You need not worry, as Amesbury’s entertainment is excellent. There are many events to choose from. If you like live music, you are in the right place. If community events of Amesbury are your thing, the people of Amesbury are happy to oblige. Even if you are a workshop fan, you will find yourself right at home here!

So, when you combine events, great dining, and rich history, you get a great place to live in! All that is left to do is contact any of the movers Amesbury and get a quote. But if you want your move to be as best as it can be, choosing your movers can be a bit tricky.

Hire The Best Movers Amesbury MA – Preferred Movers!

Our goal is to create relationships that last by providing the moving experience of the highest quality, year after year. We solemnly pledge to you, our future customers, that we will provide such quality that it will exceed any of your expectations, regardless of the challenge presented. That is who Preferred Movers is – the best movers Amesbury MA has to offer – so make sure you contact us today!