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What to do if you haven’t planned your move well? Don’t worry, if you need to move to Maine or move out of Maine quickly and without any unplanned costs and complications, just contact the best movers York ME – Preferred Movers NH. You may have looked online for Preferred Movers NH, but we have a truly moving experience, and a large number of successful relocations are behind us. Contact our operators’ toll-free (877) 846-7842, and you can inquire directly about your move. Besides giving you a free moving estimate, we also promise to offer good prices for moving in or out of Maine.


How to know that we are good movers York ME

We are one of the finest, best professional Maine movers in the country. This is because we have established business for over a decade and are proud to say that we are a family-owned and operated company. Along with this, we have a highly professional team consisting of reliable workers that will move you to Maine safely. We also provide transportation services whether you’re moving a company, a warehouse, moving from a flat, or the whole house. Our fast relocation team will also make a free estimate and give you a great pricing offer that won’t affect your budget. And our prices include transport, equipment, protective materials, and moving boxes.

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Good reviews and affordable prices speak for the best movers York Maine!

Over time, we realized that most of our new clients come to us just by following the recommendations from our old clients. So if you call us immediately at toll-free (877) 846-7842, we will make a free assessment for your relocation. If you don’t see your town listed, give us a call, and we can come to you! In addition, you will get the most favorable price from our team.

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What moving services can you get?

Having moving services tailored to your needs is crucial. Movers York know that, and they ensure you get those. Here are some of the relocation services we offer:

  • Van transport of goods
  • Moving abroad
  • Packing and protection of things before moving
  • Removing and installing furniture
  • Transfer and disposal of old and unnecessary items
  • Smaller household moving with a van
  • Specialized local relocation to Maine
  • Moving of companies and business premises
  • Bulky equipment moving (like pianos and various machines)
  • Household moving (along with weekend houses)

What about packaging?

When people are planning to move, they usually forget the basics: boxes and packing suppliesPreferred Movers NH work by always planning ahead and knowing exactly what you need. With us, you can get all the equipment and material for moving. Of course, if we do the moving for you: you will not need special equipment because we already have everything! However, if you are planning to pack things yourself, you will need stretch foil, bubble wrap foil for packaging fragile items, moving boxes of different sizes, and bags for those things that are not fragile. As one of the best movers in York ME, we will get you everything you need at discount prices, plus – deliver everything to your address!

a house
We will get you everything you need at discount prices, plus – deliver everything to your address!

This is important for many reasons. Packing is often one of the most dreaded, tiring, and longest tasks of the moving process. If you are doing it without the help of movers in York Maine, then it can seem endless! First, you need to go through each room of your home and decide what you will pack – and what will stay behind. After that, you need to properly pick up the packing supplies, including the boxes and padding/safety materials. And then there’s packing.

If you have never packed before, then you might not even know the risks of your items breaking during transport. When your items are packed correctly, they will be safe. If not, then you will find an ugly surprise after opening your boxes. That’s why we will take care of everything for you! We have the experience to ensure your items are safe, as well as the supplies to boost the chances of everything going smoothly.

Scheduling the relocation in York Me

When scheduling moving to ME or NH locations, it is necessary to call us and tell us the most basic information. These can just include the address and the day when you plan to move. For moving to the town of York Maine, we usually need to know do you move from an apartment, office, or house, if the apartment is on the floor, and whether the elevator can be used, etc. If you have large pieces of furniture, we will ask you to measure whether this furniture can pass through the doors and corridors or if the furniture needs to be dismantled. If this is the case, we are also doing the dissembling and assembly of furniture depending on the agreement and the planned move.

happy family
Just tell us the address and the day when you plan to move – and the rest is up to us!

Equally professional in the local and long-distance moving

Moving locally is stressful while moving abroad can be even more difficult. And Preferred Movers NH approaches all relocation professionally, no matter if it’s local or abroad. We can easily move you to any part of York ME, but also abroad. That’s why we’ve done our part of the job in advance, and we know all the procedures, paperwork, and methods to keep your move in the best order while working fast and safe at no extra cost.

Commercial moving of your dreams!

Similarly, we are quite versatile with other moving services too! And so, you can also use our corporate relocation services! When you are moving your office to York, Maine, we can make the whole process easy for you. First, there are a lot of logistics to handle here. You are not simply moving your home – but a whole office full of special furniture and people. You will have to ask your workers to pack their cubicles themselves and move personal belongings. Then, we will tackle the moving logistics together.

Afterward, we can help you pack up the office supplies and equipment. In our services, we also include moving sensitive and expensive equipment – such as computers and hardware – so that you will not have to worry about it. We have special packing supplies for all of these – along with moving many offices to York! Also, we offer great prices for storage units. Our storages are of high quality and completely safe. You can use units both for commercial move and residential storage.

call movers York Maine to move your office
We are the company that will move your office with ease!

Thanks to us as your York moving company, you will be able to keep your doors open and office running during the move! This way, you not only save some money by moving with us – but also have an opportunity to keep making money! This is what makes us the best choice for your relocation to York, Maine – whatever you need us to move!

Get the best transportation prices

We have the best-organized transport with a van or trucks. For larger relocations, we also have a truck transport that is always available. Once you get your free estimate, we will tell you what you need to move properly. With this, we will tell you how many employees we recommend (not more than necessary), and we will arrange the exact time of moving. If your street is difficult to approach or you live in a part of the city with bigger traffic, we will easily include more vans rather than moving with a bigger truck that can get stuck in the crowd. Remember, our services are available to both individuals and working companies. We can always agree on the price, so make sure to call us to see how exactly we can help you to move to York ME.

And knowing just how expensive a move can get, we work hard to ensure that we offer affordable moving services to you. However, we do not reduce the quality of our services to manage this! Instead, you could say that we work even harder! This is what makes us the best York movers around! With us on your moving team, not only will you get the moving expertise you deserve, but you will also get it at an optimal price! For a cheap and amazing move – it’s us you want to call!

Contact your movers York Maine today!

In conclusion, all you need to know about your move to be in the best order is written above. But the most important information is right here at the end. Preferred Movers NH are the best movers York ME. If you are planning to start a new life in ME or NH locations, you found your solution. Look at the completely free online estimate and start your move now!