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Are you in need of movers Kittery ME you can truly rely on? Then there really is no need to look for anyone other than Preferred Movers NH. Moving-related services we offer give you the opportunity to move without any issues or even a hint of anxiety. Our years of experience and reliable, as well as highly skilled staff, will provide the best moving and storage options before, during, and after your Kittery relocation. Don’t hesitate and give us a call today. We’ll make sure you get a suitable answer to all of your questions.


Hiring our movers Kittery ME enables you to relocate with ease

Most people dread their moving day. It comes as no surprise if you think about how much hard work it takes. Luckily, your Kittery relocation doesn’t have to be difficult at all. Preferred Movers NH can offer you the type of moving experience that will make you feel relaxed and confident about the entire process. How? Our experienced team of skilled professionals will be there every step of the way. It is our primary goal and mission to enable you to get the highest quality moving experience

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We value our relationship with the customers

If you happen to take a look at our customers’ reviews, you’ll realize how much we care about our clients’ wishes. Creating lasting relationships with our customers and community has been our mission ever since the very beginning. And you can be sure that Preferred Movers are going to continue providing outstanding service leadership in the years to come.

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Make your move smooth with our movers

Moving doesn’t have to be a headache with our movers Kittery ME and our comprehensive moving services NH. You can find a wide range of moving services tailored to meet your needs, whether you’re shifting locally, heading across the country, or need to transport something as delicate as a piano.

  • Local moves made easy – local movers NH know every corner of the state. They use this knowledge to ensure your move is quick and hassle-free.
  • Going the distance –  Long-distance moves require special attention, and that’s where long distance movers in Maine excel. They offer detailed plans and support to make sure your belongings arrive safely, no matter the distance.
  • Piano moving with care –  Pianos are not just heavy; they’re treasures. Specialized piano movers NH handle your instrument with the utmost care, ensuring it sings sweetly in its new home.
  • Packing without the stress – Packing can be the most daunting part of moving. Professional packing services NH take this task off your hands, using the right materials and techniques to protect your belongings.
  • Storage solutions – Need a place to keep your items before you’re ready to move in? Storage services North Hampton NH provide secure and accessible options for short or long-term needs.
  • State-to-state expertise – Moving to another state? State to state movers have the experience and resources to manage these complex logistics, making your transition as smooth as possible.
  • Special items? No problem – Got a pool table? Pool table movers NH have the tools and skills to transport bulky or unusual items safely to their new destination.

Choosing the right moving service means enjoying peace of mind. With a range of services designed to cover every aspect of your move, these professionals make sure you can settle into your new place with ease and confidence.

Man and woman carrying carton box
You can move carefree with our movers!

Providing you with a state-of-the-art moving experience is our goal

In the hectic and stressful days of your relocation, what you need is a modern and skilled type of assistance. Preferred Movers NH is constantly trying to improve its service by implementing state-of-the-art moving features, and movers Kittery ME can give you just that.

  • Do you care about your environment? We do too. You can avoid buying moving supplies at your local store and use our eco-friendly options. As far as moving supplies go, we have just about everything you need – eco-friendly containers, standard boxes, or custom-built containers. Moving has never been this simple!
  • There’s no reason not to use all the benefits of technological improvements during your relocation to Kittery. Preferred Movers NH gives you the option of online tracking of your shipment. It allows you to request information on the status of your shipment and track it online anytime.
  • Are you having a hard time organizing and planning your relocation? This is quite a common problem, actually. People tend to become overwhelmed by the number of tasks and obligations that moving brings their way. This is why we’ve decided to make things a bit easier for you. We’ve managed to make a complete moving checklist. This is a great way to have nearly every task and obligation you need to take care of in one place before your movers Kittery ME even start moving you. We always try to make moving a pleasant and stress-free experience.
A couple packing
Movers Kittery ME can provide you with the best packing services

If you happen to need packing or storage services – movers Kittery ME has got you covered

People who move seldom need moving services alone. It is very often that one decides that packing is simply too overwhelming a job. And it’s no secret – packing can be quite tiresome. But have no fear because our movers Kittery ME will assist with your relocation every step of the way. Should you decide that you want professional packers to handle your packing – we’ll send the most skillful team your way.

Similarly, if you think you are going to need a secure storage facility, Preferred Movers have got you covered there. We can offer you a variety of different types of storage units. Our offer includes different sizes of storage units, as well as various storage options. So regardless of how long you need to store your items for, we can take care of it.

Before you complete your Kittery ME relocation – here are some useful facts about this town

The town of Kittery, Maine, is a charming town known for its rich history and scenic beauty. It sits right at the mouth of the Piscataqua River, forming a natural border with New Hampshire. The town is not just about picturesque views; it offers a vibrant community and a variety of amenities that cater to both residents and visitors. Talking about the cost of living, Kittery is slightly above the national average. This is important for anyone considering moving here. The median home value in Kittery reflects its desirability, standing at around $407,000. For those looking to rent, the average cost hovers about $1,200 per month, which varies based on size and location.

When it comes to household income, the town’s residents do fairly well, with a median income of approximately $70,000. This is a key factor contributing to the quality of life here. Additionally, the job market in Kittery is robust, buoyed by its tourism, retail, and maritime industries. The town is famous for the Kittery Outlets, a major shopping destination that supports local employment. Education is a priority in Kittery, with well-regarded schools and a strong emphasis on community involvement in the educational process. Safety is another selling point, as the town boasts low crime rates, making it a peaceful place to live. Kittery offers a balanced blend of natural beauty, economic opportunity, and community-oriented living. Its slightly higher cost of living is offset by the quality of life, employment prospects, and the safety and educational infrastructure it provides.

A woman using laptop to look for movers Kittery ME
Contact Preferred Movers NH for a seamless relocation

The safest way to move to Kittery is by choosing Preferred Movers NH to handle it

So, moving can be difficult. This much is definitely true. But it doesn’t necessarily need to be. By contacting our movers Kittery ME, you’ll get a chance to move with ease and actually enjoy the entire process. There’s no need to hesitate. Get in touch with Preferred Movers NH today and get your free moving estimate. It’s time to start enjoying your relocation.