Long-distance moving checklist

It goes without saying that a long-distance move is far more difficult than relocating a few blocks away. If you forget something, you can’t just quickly return to your old home to retrieve an item. You need to get everything done right on the first try, with no mistakes. However, the experience doesn’t have to be stressful. Apart from using the services of long distance movers New Hampshire, you need to prepare for the process as well. To do this best, you need to prepare a long-distance moving checklist. It needs to cover the most important parts of a move, so you don’t forget anything in the process. So let’s go through the main points of it.

person going through a long-distance moving checklist
With a good checklist, your move will be flawless, with zero mistakes

Your long-distance moving checklist begins with deciding what to pack

The longer you live in a home, the more items you accumulate over time. Some of these items are either too old or serve no purpose to you anymore. Relocating is a great opportunity to get rid of some of these old items. Throw away everything that is too worn down, and donate items that are still in good shape but not used. The less you have to pack, the less you will pay for the move. It is also good to start the decluttering process as soon as possible, to conserve your energy and time. Also, you need to thoroughly prepare for the packing process. Before you contact movers Manchester NH, make sure you have the right packing materials. Buy quality boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap ahead of time. It is also good to buy a bit more than you need, in order to avoid pesky resupply trips.

packed boxes stacked in a room
If you efficiently declutter, packing and moving your items will be much easier

Start the packing process and pay attention to bulky items

Packing your household belongings is a part of every long-distance moving checklist. Take it slow, and make sure everything is packed properly. Remember, there is no room for error. To make everything more convenient, items which you don’t use often, like seasonal clothes and holiday decorations, should be packed first. For maximum efficiency, carefully label each moving box. Note down which room it belongs to, and what it contains. This will help greatly when the time to unpack comes and help your movers NH know where to deliver which box. If you have bulky items like sofas and couches, carefully measure your home before the move. You need to make sure that everything can fit through your hallways and doorways. More importantly, do this in your new home too. You don’t want to travel across the country, only to discover that your items can’t fit through the doors.

living room with a couch and a coffee table
Pack your items, while paying special attention to bulky pieces of furniture

Take care of your personal information, and check in with your movers

One more important point on your long-distance moving checklist is to take care of your personal information and update things such as your living address, and personal identification. Also, notify the companies you work with about your address change, such as banks, the post office, or your insurance company. All of your utility services, such as gas, electricity, internet, and heating should be taken care of as well. Make sure you either transfer these services to your new address or cancel them before leaving your old home to avoid unplanned expenses. Lastly, call your moving company a few days before the move to confirm the details, such as the time and cost. Go over the moving contract with them one more time just to be sure. Once you take care of all these tasks, you’ll be ready for the long-distance move of your dreams.