Long distance business move made easy

Expanding your business to a new state or continent? Looking for a new location to start over? These are all good reasons for a corporate relocation. Regardless of the reason, keep in mind that office moves can be very stressful. Even more so if you’re doing a long distance business move. The bigger the distance, the more planning is required to pull off a successful transition. If you have previous moving experience you already know how demanding moving can be. From planning and packing, over finding reliable movers Ogunquit ME, to setting up the entire business all over again. However, if you arm yourself with a few handy tips, and plan everything properly, your move will be a breeze. We’re here to help you with some suggestions on how to do this the right way. Soon enough, you’ll be back in business and speeding to success.

people working in an office building
Moving your office long distance is a great way to expand the business

Create your long distance business move checklist in advance

You simply can’t have a successful business relocation without a detailed checklist that includes every task you must take care of. Moving without this important schedule is a very common mistake people make, so don’t start unprepared. If you don’t have a constant reminder, you could forget some vital tasks or paperwork. In addition, the checklist is there to make your move easier, so it’s a great thing to have. Once you make the checklist, make copies of it and hand it out to your employees. Here’s what the list should include:

  • Purchasing quality packing supplies
  • Preparing all of your computers, electronics, and furniture for the move.
  • Coordinating the entire move in sync with the IT department so they can take proper care of your work equipment.
  • Hiring skilled movers Kittery ME to safely get your inventory to the new address
  • Contacting your banks, post offices, and other business partners regarding the change of address. Everything must be updated ahead of time to prevent errors in payments or deliveries.
  • Setting up the internet services in your new office ahead of time.
  • Making new business cards and identifications for your employees with the updated information.
employees in a business meeting
Organize a meeting and discuss the moving plan with everyone

Hire skilled office movers to quickly transition into the new office

If you’re not sure whether or not it is possible to successfully relocate your office safely and with minimum downtime, we can tell you that it absolutely is. However, this can only be done with the help of a professional and experienced moving company. Handling a move is much easier when you have someone helping you out. Perhaps you work long hours and there is little time to do the packing. Or if you don’t want to spend time looking for moving supplies, it is a good idea to hire movers NH for their professional packing services. With them helping you, you can focus on handling other important tasks of the move, or just spend more time with the family. Another downside of a long distance business move is that while you’re not working, you’re not profiting. This is why it’s important to hire movers who can do the relocation as quickly as possible.

Notify your employees and prepare them for a long distance business move

Before you start planning the move, you need to inform all of your employees about it. Do this a few months in advance, since they will need time to plan and sync their personal schedules too. After you know your moving dates, make sure to let them know. We highly recommend an open communication with everyone. Some of your employees will surely be concerned about these changes, so talking about everything openly is a good way to clear the air and establish a good foundation. In addition, planning everything and packing your business can take up to a few months, so starting early is crucial. Give everyone time to adjust and everything will work out fine.

person using a phone and laptop
Don’t forget to update your websites with the new address and notify your clients and partners

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you’re not alone during the office move. Moving on your own is probably one of the worst scenarios you can find yourself in. But the main advantage of relocating your office is the fact that you have so many available employees around you who are willing to help. Not only can they help you with the manual aspect, but they can also help you plan the move from the very beginning. They can offer feedback that may prove invaluable further down the road. Before you hire a moving company, have a team meeting and see if you can save your budget in the process. Assign each employee with a different task in order to minimize downtime when moving. Allow them to pack their own workstations and supplies, and always be open to listening to any feedback or suggestions they might have.

Let your business partners know about the relocation as well

Even though your employees are the main driving force of the business, you can’t forget about your partners as well. Given the fact that you’re undergoing a long distance business move, your work address will change. This is a very important thing and you need to notify everyone about your address change. Start by updating all of your social media profiles with the address change. Then, reach out to all of your business partners and clients, and inform them of this change. Doing this is very important since every business has a lot of transactions and communication with its associates. Alerting your partners of the change ahead of time also shows that you are a responsible businessman. Being open and responsible makes clients happy, and happy clients mean a flourishing company. We wish you the best of luck in your business expansion!