Local & Long Distance Moving Services in Amesbury, MA

Are you planning on moving to or from Amesbury, MA? Amesbury is a city located in the North Shore of Massachusetts with a population of over 16,000 people. The city is neighbored by Newburyport, West Newbury and Salisbury and is the second most northern city in the state. With over 4,000 families residing in the city, it is a great place for those looking to relocate their families to an area with other families. Amesbury, MA boasts several schools for families looking for good school systems for their children.

Amesbury has many points of interest for residents to go to along with neighboring summer hot spots such as Newburyport, MA. Points of interests to check out include Alliance Park, Bartlett Museum, Lowell’s Boat Shop, Macy-Colby House and many more. If you are interested in moving to this popular north shore city, Preferred Movers can help! We offer local and long distance moves to any resident or business looking to move to or from Amesbury, MA. Preferred Movers also specializes in different moving services such as: