Job opportunities in Maine worth considering

Maine is one of those states that is changing since its founding days. It is growing, progressing and becoming more modern from year to year. Great development is followed by the rising job market and a decrease in the unemployment rate. There are excellent job opportunities in Maine, waiting for you to seize them. Take a look at what are the fastest growing jobs worth considering if you’re planning to move in this state.

First of all, should you move for a job?

Let’s get something straight right away. There is a big difference when you’re moving for the job and when you’re relocating for your carrier.

In the first case, you already landed a job in another city and now contemplating is it the relocation the best next step for you. Many factors will affect that decision, but having the employment waiting for you is always the big advantage.

On the other hand, if you wish to move to a place in a search for a new job, that’s a totally different thing. If you’re struggling to find a job in your line of work in your town, then relocation to a place that has better prospects and the stronger market may be very beneficial to your carrier. It’s a leap that may be worth taking.

You just have to determine are you ready for it. If you are, and Maine is your choice, then you’ll be happy to know that this state has plenty of available jobs in the work market.

Sign for available jobs
You will have no problem finding a new job in Maine because the unemployment rate here is very low.

Since you’ll be hunting for a job after the move, it will be wise to hire one of the reliable moving companies Maine to make your relocation easier. When you delegate the moving process to professionals, you will have more time to focus on starting your carrier in the new town.

Relocating your business is also a separate thing. In this type of move, you’ll be moving the business that you’ve already build and your valuable employees to the other state. Since Maine is the great choice for that, you just need to learn how to organize business relocation and shift it to the new market.

What job opportunities in Maine are in demand?

Job opportunities in Maine are vast, no matter what industry you are. There are also a lot of available jobs for any kind of qualification and degree.

The unemployment rate in all part of this state is under the national average. That’s great news since that means that it won’t take you long to find employment after the move.

Still, like in any state, some workplaces have a higher demand than the others. Also, some industries are employing more workers than others.

The industries with plenty of job opportunities in Maine are:

  • Healthcare
  • Tech sector
  • Retail
  • Professional services
  • Hospitality
  • Government
  • Manufacturing

While government projections predict a decrease of interest in the jobs in the government departments and manufacturing sector, they also show that they will stay big employers in this part of the country.

Workers on the construction site
The manufacturing industry has a lack of employees not only in this state but on the global level.

Here are the fastest growing jobs in Maine, that are in great demand:

  • Physical Therapist
  • Physician Assistant
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Home Health Aid
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Registered Nurse
  • Taxi Driver
  • Software Developer
  • Business Analyst
  • Mechanic

Not so long ago, the healthcare industry had too many employees applying for the same position, but now the table is turned. That is good news for anyone that’s hunting for the job opportunities in Maine, especially in the healthcare industry.

Main is also the perfect place to relocate your business if the time is right for that.

Home Health Aid nurse with patient - this is just one of the great job opportunities in Maine
Only decades ago, it was very unlikely that jobs like nurse or house help aid practitioner will have such high demand.

The best places in Maine to get a job

If you are already making a plan to relocate in NH, but you’ve got the great job opportunity in Maine, don’t cancel your long distance movers New Hampshire just yet. There are many people that are commuting to work between these two states on a daily basis. That’s because the job opportunities in Maine are amongst the best in the country, but the living expenses are a bit lower in its neighborly states.

Surely, the living costs of the city that you wish to move to are a very important feature. Make sure to explore them thoroughly. Even if you get the job with a very good salary, that doesn’t mean much if your living costs are higher than your monthly incomes.

Also, besides the living costs, there are other equally important things to focus on when choosing to relocate in a new city for a job.

The criteria that you should consider are:

  • Unemployment rate
  • Recent job growth
  • Future job growth
  • Median household income

Based on these features, the studies show that these are the cities that offer the best job opportunities in Maine:

  • Lebanon
  • Hermon
  • Gardiner
  • Rockland
  • Augusta

Why is important to know what are the fastest growing jobs in Maine?

The answer to this question is simple really. Knowing what are the fastest growing jobs will show you what kind of job opportunities in Maine you can expect to find.

It is also showing you in which direction this state is heading. What sort of trends jobs will take over the next decade, and which ones will have lesser demand. That will help you decide is Maine the best place for your relocation.

Knowing what are the fastest growing jobs opportunities in Maine can show you what jobs will be more secure for years to come.