Items you have to disassemble before moving them

As you may know, there are many things you need to think about when moving. And one of the most important things to consider is the items you have to disassemble before packing and moving them. Movers in NH know that this problem is bothering a lot of people and are here to guide you through it. Many items in your household are easier to pack and move if you disassemble them first. Here is what they are and how to handle them.

Pool tables are one of the items you have to disassemble before moving

Pool tables are one of those items that you will have to take apart when moving them. They are big, heavy, and hard to transport in one piece. They are among those valuable items that you can use to relax and enjoy in your home, so why not think about their safety when moving them? Because of that, you should always pay close attention when packing them for the move. It is very important to prevent any case of damages that could happen to them. And that means that you should properly prepare the legs, pockets and other parts of the table for the move. If you wish to avoid any scratches and damages, then always disassemble it first.

pool table as one of the Items you have to disassemble before moving
One of the Items you have to disassemble before moving is the pool table

This is not something that you can joke about when moving. And never take it too lightly. There are many reasons why you need to disassemble your pool table first, and one of them is that it will be easier to pack. But, if you are not certain in your packing skills, then you need to get packing services NH to help you move it. Professional packing services can mean a lot when you have to move valuable and fragile items.

Disassemble bookshelves when moving them

This might not seem too complicated to move, but trust us, it can be really difficult to do it. There is simply no way you can do it in one piece. What you need to do is dismantle them before you pack and move them. This is something that you need to do carefully and with precision. First, designate a place in your home where you can begin with dismantling the bookshelves. You already have a lot of books on them so make sure to take them off and pack them in different boxes. Next, take out the screws and other bolts, and place them into one bag. There they will be kept safe during the move.

books on the shelves
You can dismantle bookshelves before moving

Once you dismantle your bookshelves, you can begin packing them. Now, they are in pieces so it will be very easy to do it. You can wrap every part in some old fabric or air-filled wraps. That will provide them with perfect protection during the move. But sometimes, this can be hard to do at once. That is why you can consider other options. Storing your items is a good thing if you can’t move them all at once. Then renting storage units NH will come in handy. There you can keep your items safe until you are done moving so you can pick them up. Think about this option before you plan your move.

Dismantle furniture if you can

Furniture is one of those items that you should always dismantle before packing for transport. They are big and very hard to handle when moving. That is why there are some steps you need to make first before moving it, like:

  • Gather necessary tools to dismantle your furniture like a rubber mallet, pliers, and other tools laced in rubber. It won’t scratch your valuable furniture if you use it.
  • Find packing materials you will use when packing them. This should include items like old fabrics that you can wrap around the wooden pieces. It will provide them with all the necessary protection for a safe move.
  • See if you need to fix some wooden parts before packing them. This is a perfect opportunity for this so make sure to use it.
people packing furniture
You can dismantle certain furniture pieces

These are the very first steps you need to take to move your furniture with ease. Once you are done with this, you can begin packing it safely. This can mean a lot if you wish to avoid any possible damages during the move. Especially if you are moving heavy and expensive furniture pieces. Dismantling them will make it easy to pack and transport them. It is something that can make your relocation a lot less stressful.

Be careful when handling large items

It is very important to stay safe when moving heavy and big objects in your home. Especially when you are doing it on your own. That is why you need to either call professionals to help you move or call your friends to help you pack and transport big furniture pieces. This is something that can be difficult to do on your own. Not to mention very dangerous. You can seriously injure yourself and damage your belongings at the same time. It is always a good idea to seek help from friends or professionals when you have to deal with big items in your home before moving.

This is our list of items you have to disassemble before moving if you wish to have a safe and fast relocation. Not to mention that you will avoid any damages and injuries as well. Now that you know how to properly do it, you are ready to plan your relocation with ease. Also, you can contact us to see what kind of moving services we can provide you with. It is for the best if you let professionals handle your move instead of losing your mind over it.