Items that shouldn’t be placed in a storage unit

Storages are a rather useful thing most of us are learning to utilize. With our homes getting ever smaller and our needs ever greater, it so happens that having space for people to store their things (rather than discarding them) is a sound business strategy. Well, in most cases. There are items that shouldn’t be placed in a storage unit and that previously mentioned moving and storage NH providers will not allow. What are those?

Hazardous materials shouldn’t be placed in a storage unit

A simple look at the label of the item you are about to store in a storage North Hampton NH unit? Does it have a sign indicating that the item is toxic, poisonous, or anything of that sort? Don’t store it. Even if you think you can provide all the right protection through thoughtful packaging, it is still a huge liability.

Anything alive shouldn’t be placed in a storage unit

This might appear to be obvious, but if movers Windham NH, like all movers, won’t take a puppy, fish, or a potted plant into a truck and move them, it is safe to say that these things shouldn’t be placed in a storage unit.

A puppy that shouldn't be placed in a storage unit
Pets are not allowed!

Even if an animal seemed like it would be fine for a short time, like insect colonies, these are all still categorically forbidden. They are a liability for a wide range of reasons.

Flammables and explosives are forbidden

As you know, there are a number of special storages intended for special items. Otherwise, storage items that demand special attention. Things like a wine cellar. However, firearms are no such items. Anyone of your items will not be allowed to be stored at any storage facility. This is because of various reasons including general safety and liability.

Other things from the same category? Anything with the word fire in it, really. Firecrackers, for example. Fireworks for the next new year’s party? Leave them in the attic, not the storage…

A revolver that shouldn't be placed in a storage unit
No revolvers or handguns of any kind

Simply put, flammable objects (rather obviously), are not allowed in storage units. When it is summed up, it comes down to:

  • Firearms. Be it pistols, hunting rifles, or anything in between, these are not allowed. Leather weapons of any kind are not permitted. However, things like sights and other attachments should be perfectly fine.
  • Fireworks. You are actually lucky they are a band. They shouldn’t be placed in a storage unit anyway as any kind of moisture could actually damage it and render it useless…
  • Ammunition. A lot of gunpowder in one place? Storage providers nightmare.

In summary

In conclusion, there are really three groups of things that really shouldn’t be placed in a storage unit. First off, we have poisons and toxins. Then, there are flammable items. Finally, pets and plants should not be placed in storage. Other than that, you should be in the clear. However, always be sure to ask the storage provider how any items affect your insurance. There might be location-specific prohibitions we have not listed here.