Items that should be kept in climate controlled storage

When you decide to move, you will have to take most of your items with you. From your old home to the new one, your belongings are probably going to make a stop for some time in a storage unit, like the ones offered by Preferred Movers NH. Some items do perfectly well in a normal storage unit. Some items can end up damaged, and that’s something that you want to avoid for sure. Here is a list of items that should be kept in climate controlled storage.

Items that should be kept in climate controlled storage

Still not sure if you should rent climate controlled storage? Take a look at exactly what items require this type of storage.

Leather and wooden furniture

Leather is vulnerable to big temperature changes, which can lead to cracking. Your furniture can also become discolored and moldy because of humidity. If you live in a place where the weather changes drastically every season, this type of storage is a must.

If you plan to leave your wooden belongings in a storage unit for a long time, that has to be a climate controlled unit. That includes tables, nightstands, bed frames, decorative items, and so many more things. Wood tends to crack, warp and rot when exposed to humidity for a long time. But in our storage North Hampton NH, your leather and wooden furniture will be well guarded.

Black leather sofa next to a small table
Your leather and wooded furniture will be better off in a climate controlled storage unit


Buying season-specific clothing pieces often can be really expensive, so it is better to keep the ones you have in a good condition. Keep your winter coats and sweaters in excellent condition by storing them in a climate controlled unit. Make sure to take a look at some of our packing services NH, if you need help packing your things. Before storing your clothes, make sure to wash and dry them thoroughly to avoid mold. For extra protection, you can put them in plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes.


If you have special collections, don’t think twice about renting a climate controlled storage unit. The point of collecting things is to keep them in good shape for many years, so why would you risk it? The items that people mostly collect are:

  • stamps
  • coins
  • comics
  • vinyl records
  • toys (this is one of the rare collectibles that don’t necessarily categorize as one of the items that should be kept in climate controlled storage)
  • trading cards etc.

All those items are vulnerable to temperature swings and moisture. Unless you have a specially designed part of the house that provides the optimal condition for your collection, don’t risk it. Stamps stick and curl when exposed to these factors, which will greatly decrease their value. Coins oxidize and turn dark and comics fade. Avoid all of this by investing in renting a climate controlled storage unit.

Person looking through vinyl records
The long time spent making a collection of items will not go to waste if you protect them properly

Musical instruments

Musical instruments are a huge investment. If you happen to have these items, you must keep them in a special storage unit. Why? Because pianos have wooden parts that can be damaged by temperature and humidity fluctuations. Our skilled piano movers will take good care of your valuable musical instrument when relocating. String on guitars can snap under the wrong climate conditions, brass instruments can corrode and grow bacteria while instruments like flutes can crack or swell.

Items that should be kept in climate controlled storage – conclusion

With everything said, all the types of items mentioned above are quite the investment. Don’t risk damaging them when you can simply rent a special storage unit to make sure that they are safe, no matter how much time they will be stored. Also, make sure to properly prepare your belongings before putting them into storage. Like that they will be perfectly safe and come out intact.