Is life in Maine or Massachusetts right for you?

Both states belong to the New England area. However, it is hard to imagine two states more different than Main and Massachusetts. The first one is very rural. On the other hand, Massachusetts is rather urban. It is so obvious, especially in the eastern part of the country. Are you wondering if life in Maine or Massachusetts is right for you? If so, it is good to learn about both states. And Preferred Movers NH can give first-hand information. They are serving both states. So, they will know all pros and cons of living in both of them. 

Comparison between Maine and Massachusetts

The total area of Maine is 35,385 sq mi. So, it is much bigger than Massachusetts, which is 10,565 sq mi. In short, Maine has about 3.9 times bigger territory than Massachusetts. On the other hand,  Maine has approximately 1,373,000 residents, and, this is making it rather sparsely populated. Especially, when we compare it to Massachusetts, and its almost seven million inhabitants. When comparing those two states, we also have to keep in mind that most people are living in coastal areas. 

Boston seaport
To decide if life in Maine or Massachusetts is right for you, do some research on both states.

The difference in costs of living between Maine and Massachusetts

What if you can’t decide if life in Maine or Massachusetts is better for you? Well, we have prepared some basic information about both states. This will give you a chance to learn more about them before you decide where you want to live. Once you know which one is right for you all you will have to do is contact state to state movers and you will be able to start your relocation process!

You should know that there is a big difference in terms of the cost of living. Maine is 26.9% cheaper than Massachusetts. So, here is the breakdown of the costs that we’ve prepared for you.

Median home value and median rent

The median home value in Maine is $359,761. In case you want to purchase a home in Massachusetts, you will need $587,166. The rental prices are also different. In the state of Main, they cost on average $853. In Massachusetts, the average monthly rent is $1,282.

Total housing costs that can show if life in Maine or Massachusetts is right for you

Besides rental and purchase prices, the housing costs also include internet connection and utilities. On average, they are 23.2% cheaper in Maine. The groceries will cost you 13.7% more in Massachusetts.

Costs of transportation

Those costs can include gasoline, monthly public transit pass, taxi services, and purchasing of a new vehicle. So, if you decide to live in Maine, your overall transportation costs will be about 23.3% cheaper.

Preschool and school costs

We have compared the preschool and school costs for two semesters, for one child. The costs in Massachusetts are 2.1 times higher than in Maine. 

This general picture is showing us that the costs of living are quite different between those two states.

The common history of the two states

In the beginning, Massachusetts, and Main were created as two separate colonies. However, they got united. And in the period from 1650 to 1820, Main was a part of Massachusetts. During that period, Maine was known as a district of the state of Massachusetts. In 1820, Main was granted independence, after 35 years of the campaign for statehood. Today, it is the 6th country of New England, besides Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

White and Black Lighthouse Near Green Grass Field Under Blue Sky, Portland, ME.
The costs of living in Maine are much lower than in Massachusetts.

Living in Massachusetts

Generally speaking, people in Massachusetts are more liberal. They are also more status-conscious, in terms of where you went to school, what is your occupation, where are you living, etc. They’re usually well-traveled and have a cosmopolitan spirit. And, this is especially noticeable in the eastern part of the country. And especially in Boston, where you can find a large number of foreigners. If you seriously consider moving to Massachusetts, we suggest that you contact long distance movers Massachusetts has to offer. They can give you more information about certain areas. And that will help you to choose a place that suits you the most.

Going further westside in Massachusetts, you will notice how the culture becomes less cosmopolitan. The people are still rather liberal. However, most of them were born and spent their entire life in inland towns. Of course, there are many wonderful towns in the continental part of Massachusetts. Some of them are Mt. Holyoke, Amherst, Smith, and Williams. What we want to point out is that those citizens have fewer contacts with foreigners.

Major industries in Massachusetts

In case you are moving to Massachusetts, you will find a rather rich job market there. The main industries in the area are:

  • biotechnology
  • maritime trade
  • information technology
  • engineering
  • tourism
  • finance
  • higher education

You may also like to know that Boston and neighboring Cambridge, are the hub of the biotechnology industry.  Both places are home to almost a thousand biotech companies.


Female Scientist working in a laboratory thinking about starting a new life in Maine or Massachusetts
Boston is a hub of the biotechnology industry.

Living in Maine

In case you consider moving to Maine, you have to keep in mind that it is mostly rural. Even its biggest city, Portland, does not have an urban vibe at all. On the other hand, Portland is a very cute and picturesque place. The same goes for the capital, Augusta, and Bangor, the second biggest town of Main. What people usually love about Portland is its very close-knit community. Once you move there, you will be warmly accepted. So, you will adapt to your new city very fast. The other things that make Portland a very interesting town are community gardens. If you like so, you can easily take part in producing your own, fresh food. Or you can easily buy it.

Also, you will be delighted with fresh seafood. Most of the Portland families are there for generations. Fishing and trade are their main occupation. They are especially known for lobster fishing, and, are the richest lobster market, that you will find in Penobscot Bay. Besides fishing, Maine has developed a shipbuilding industry.

Major industries in Maine

In general, Main is a sparsely populated state. So, no wonder it has so many farms, forests, and untouched nature. Many people, visiting Maine are delighted with the food. Coming to markets straight from numerous farms, it is delicious and always fresh. This is one of the reasons why are people using the services of the long distance movers in Maine and moving to this beautiful state. Besides, many tourists love spending time in nature. You can spend time visiting forests, mountains, and numerous waterways.

The biggest industries in Maine are:

  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Geology and mining
  • Fishing
  • Shipbuilding
  • Tourism
  • Manufacturing

Is living in Maine or Massachusetts the right solution for you?

Living in New England, you will be able to experience a little bit of everything. The area has a very rich history. So, you can spend a lot of time exploring it. Also, you will have four distinct seasons to enjoy. And, each of the seasons will come with its amazing outdoor activities. Besides, you will have ample possibilities to choose to live in big or small cities. Maybe you will even opt for buying your own farm. So, is life in Maine or Massachusetts right for you? Well, we have presented many stats related to those two countries. And, of course, there will always be a lot of pros and cons of living in Maine vs  Massachusetts. But, we are sure that you will make a decision that suits you the best, and, that you will enjoy living in beautiful New England.