Is it possible to move an office in a week?

Moving is a difficult and laborious process, whether it’s a household or corporate relocation. But starting a new chapter someplace else is also exciting. Moving with one of the moving companies in Massachusetts is both exciting and easier than relocating alone. But how long does it take to complete a corporate relocation? One thing that you need to do when your office decides to relocate is to set an approximate moving timeline. This will give you an idea of how much every step will last, and how fast you will be able to finish the process. If you are in a hurry, you are probably asking yourself, Is it possible to move an office in a week?

Is it possible to move an office in a week – what it depends on

Many companies make the mistake of leaving too little time to complete the relocation. Sometimes this cannot be controlled, and that is completely ok. In this case, there are rushed decisions that unnecessarily spend more money and time making it impossible to move an office in a week. How long the relocation will take depends on your circumstances. If you are moving with one of the movers Boxford MA, at least you know that you will have a trouble-free relocation. Below you can find approximate timelines for completing every stage of a move:

  • Finding an office space
  • Viewing potential properties
  • Sealing the deal
  • Legal process
  • The actual moving process

Finding an office space

To find a suitable office space, you first need to make up your mind about what you need. You could be either be upsizing or downsizing. Also, think about the facilities that you need when moving to NH from MA. Once you decide what you want, it will be much easier to find it.

People working after managing to move an office in a week
You need to decide on what you want before starting to look for properties

Is it possible to move an office in a week when you need to view potential properties

Depending on your time and options, you will view quite a few potential properties for your corporate relocation. Make sure to be objective and take into consideration all the pros and cons of every option. Then compare them and make up your mind about which one you are going to pick. This will take from 1 to 6 weeks to complete.

Sealing the deal

Once you decide which place is going to be the new office you will move to, you need to negotiate the office lease terms with the landlord. You will probably also need to compare various options here and come up with the best solution for you. Once this is done you can finalize the deal.

Legal process

This is the most important step to clarifying office lease terms with your lawyer. Double-check that you understand your obligations and liabilities and that your interests are protected. This process requires 4-8 weeks.

The actual moving process

This is the actual physical moving process is the one that takes the least time if planned and done properly. This is the only step that you can finish in one week. But you shouldn’t hurry if you have sufficient time. Rushed decisions usually lead to mistakes. Rely on one of the best moving companies NH has and it will all go great!

Couple relocating their office items
The actual moving process also shouldn’t be rushed

Is it possible to move an office in a week – conclusion

The conclusion to if it’s possible to move an office in a week is that it’s certainly not possible. Even if you can do it, it will be rushed and badly done. And that is something that you want to try to avoid because it can impact your business. We wish you good luck and sufficient time to finish your relocation!