Is it better to ship furniture or buy new

When planning a move, there are so many decisions you have to make. All of them will alter your moving experience in one way or another. Because of that, it is important to sit down and think about every single one of them. If you are indecisive about whether you should hire help, it is almost always a smart idea to do so. We recommend using services that one of the movers MA has to offer. But if you are thinking about the decision if you should ship furniture or buy new, that’s something you have to figure out by yourself. Everybody’s situation is different, therefore the decision will be different. We put together this guide to help you resolve this dilemma.

Are you emotionally attached to your furniture?

Sometimes a piece can have sentimental value. That usually happens with furniture pieces that were passed down through the family. For this type of thing, you will pay more to one of the movers Manchester MA for transport, because you really want to keep them. But not all furniture pieces in your home belong to this category. Even tho it might be hard, take a look at all the furniture you have and decide which ones you can live without. When it comes to saving money, you will probably watch your items from a practical perspective, taking only a few with you. Sometimes an important piece can be expensive to ship, leaving you in a conflict. You can always give your furniture to friends and family so that you know the furniture is safe, even if it’s not with you.

Antique chair next to a window
You probably have just a few pieces for which you are willing to pay more for transport

Is it more practical to ship furniture or buy new?

The old furniture is not worth moving. Old items are more prone to damage during transportation, especially in the course of a long-distance move. Because of this, you might have to end up buying new furniture anyway after relocating, leaving you with double expenses. Maybe the furniture won’t fit into the new space? Make sure to be informed about the room layout and measurements to avoid transporting pieces that won’t fit. Another thing to think about is the design of your new home. Some old pieces don’t match with your new living space, making it more practical to buy new furniture.

Sofas in a furniture store
When buying new furniture you can easily match it with the design of your new home

How to make a price comparison of old furniture vs new furniture?

Assuming that you resolved the dilemmas listed above, follow these tips to make an estimation of which option is better for you:

  • Create a list of furniture you need for your new home. Include additional costs like delivery and assembly to get a more accurate final price. This will give you the price range if you had to buy new furniture.
  • Make a final decision about which items you will keep and which not. This will help you know exactly what you will move and what you will have to buy.
  • Ask for two estimates if you are using the services that movers Maine. A moving company can give you two estimates, one with and one without moving the furniture. This way you will be able to compare the prices and pick whether you will ship furniture or buy new.

Is it better to ship furniture or buy new? – conclusion

Taking the previously said into consideration, you can see that this decision definitely depends on the individual. Since you are starting a new chapter of your life, you can always decide on buying new things. Choosing the right furniture isn’t easy either. But this way you will know for sure that everything will fit into the space and match the desired design. We wish you good luck with your upcoming move!