Is hiring cheap movers a false economy?

If you want a smooth and stress-free relocation, you need a team of experts. In this case, movers Dover NH can do everything for you with care and attention. However, there comes a time where your budget is at stake, and you must find a way to save money. At this point, you might think of hiring cheap movers in order to save a bit of cash. But, is going down the cheaper road actually more expensive than it seems? In reality, hiring cheap movers is not a false economy, as long as you are careful with your choices. Most movers offer damage coverage, just in case anything breaks during packing or transport. In this text, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the different ways to hire affordable movers for your upcoming relocation.

Hiring cheap movers means you can relocate on a minimal budget

No matter where you’re heading, we’re sure you can’t wait to get there and enjoy your life. However, moving can generally be very exhausting and expensive. Luckily, it doesn’t always have to be that way. Moving anywhere on a budget is entirely possible, but doing so requires a bit of preparation. The first step to a great budget move is hiring movers Concord NH. This may seem like a difficult thing to do at first, but don’t worry, because we have you covered. As we mentioned above, moving can be very expensive, mainly because some costs are very hard to avoid. Things like legal fees and insurance policies are very beneficial for your move, but at the same time, they cost a lot.

person doing research on hiring cheap movers
With enough research, hiring cheap movers is easy!

And, even though it isn’t recommended, some people chose to curtail them in order to save money. You, however, can still have a cheap move while keeping all of these great benefits. All you need to do is to hire reliable and affordable movers. However, cheaper doesn’t always mean better, and you really need to know how to pick quality movers on a budget. Once you make your choice, go the extra mile and check if they have proper moving insurance. This will ensure a safe relocation for your items, and everyone involved.

You can avoid a false economy by deciding how much is too much

One of the most common questions people have before their move is “how much will everything cost?” When we’re moving locally on a budget, the usual gameplan is saving money by hiring cheaper movers. Luckily, hiring movers doesn’t have to cost a fortune if you know how and when to choose them. The best way to get a cheap moving service is to by booking movers a few months in advance. Hiring cheap movers that are both affordable and reliable isn’t always easy. One of the biggest hurdles is finding local movers that won’t completely rip you off. Depending on a lot of factors, your move can cost between $500 and $2000. The distance, size, and weight all play an important role in the final prices. The best way to see if movers are asking for too much is to get several moving quotes and compare them.

person comparing the prices of movers
Determining your budget and being careful can help avoid moving scams

Keep an eye out for potential fraudulent movers

If you wish to avoid overspending or having a stressful move, It is very important to find movers you can trust. This is also important because the price-to-quality ratio isn’t the same with all companies. And, unfortunately, some movers only focus on the price, and not the quality. If you see a moving quote that sounds way too good to be true, it is probably a scam waiting to happen. Moving companies are always competing with each other, so you shouldn’t go for a cheap moving service at first sight. Before you hire anyone, do a detailed check of their background, equipment, and reviews. You can find all of this vital information, and more, on the Better Business Bureau website. Schedule a meeting with their representative and explain your situation. A trustworthy mover will offer a solution that meets your needs and your budget.

The risks of hiring cheap movers

Besides the obvious part of falling victim to a scam, there are other risks of hiring cheap and unprofessional movers. Some will ruin your budget, while others will ruin your nerves. Here are a few of them:

  • Additional or hidden costs. By offering ridiculously low quotes, some companies leave room for hidden fees in the contract which they manually add after signing. This is why you shouldn’t accept a blank or poorly filled moving contract.
  • Unreliable and poor service. If you thought you saved a lot of money by hiring the cheapest movers, think again. Ask yourself if your moving boxes will arrive to your home undamaged, or if they’ll arrive at all.
moving van parked by the street
A short local move is the perfect time for hiring cheap movers
  • Losing money instead of saving it. Loss or damage of your inventory is one of the biggest problems with dealing with unprofessional movers. Damages, delays, and other complications can very easily siphon out your already limited budget.
  • A moving day filled with stress. Instead of relaxing and letting your movers take over, you’ll spend the entire day running around and monitoring them. At the end of the day, this will leave you both physically and mentally drained.

When is hiring cheap movers a good idea

At the end of the day, you shouldn’t let the things we discussed here discourage you. Hiring cheap movers isn’t always necessarily a bad idea. One of the good times to go with a cheaper option is a smaller, local move. If you need just a few boxes moved a few blocks away, or sent to a secure storage unit, cheaper movers are a very good choice to make. If this company proves to be professional, you can hire them again for a bigger move further down the road. All in all, if you’re observant and careful with your choices, you can hire cheap movers without it turning into a financial nightmare. Do plenty of research, and remember that good word spreads fast, and bad word even faster.