Insightful tips for preparing your items for international shipping

Are you relocating overseas soon, or maybe you’re shipping your merchandise? If so, you’ve come just to the right place! Preferred Movers NH will help you with preparing your items for international shipping. Shipping is a frequent choice when it comes to item transport. Shipping is the method that you want to go for when you have numerous items to transport at once, which is why it’s often the model that’s used in business. Since there are many miles that the items need to cross, it’s best to inform yourself about the packing process before you start preparing your items for international shipping. To find out more about how to approach the preparation process for your international shipment, keep on reading!  

packing the items
Quality packing materials are the variable that you can control when it comes to international shipping – invest in them.

Get quality materials before you start preparing your items for international shipping

The packing materials will protect your items while they’re in the shipping process. That’s why you should opt to get high-quality packing materials! When you hire quality long distance movers Massachusetts, you’ll be able to get the packing materials from them, or at least get the advice on where to get the materials, and which ones to opt for. 

The materials that you’ll need to start preparing your items for international shipping: 

  • Glassine
  • Packing paper
  • Corner protections
  • Packing peanuts
  • Bubble wrap
  • Tape
  • Scissors/Knife 
  • Sponge 
  • Packing boxes 

When it comes to packing boxes, you should use plastic boxes or bins for fragile items. They offer more structural integrity that can’t be compromised by moisture, as is the case with the cardboard box. It’s also more resilient when it comes to mechanical deformations, which can mean a lot when you’re transporting your items over a large distance. 

How to prepare your items for international shipping

When you’ve procured your materials, and you don’t want to rely on packing services, but pack the items yourself –  it’s time to get to work. You want to decide which items go into plastic bins, and which ones can be packed in the cardboard boxes. The cardboard boxes are usually used for packing clothes and other items that aren’t easily breakable. Before you pack your items, clean the dust off with a damp cloth, or wash them when it comes to clothes, linen, and similar items.

Pay attention to protruding parts and parts that can be easily broken. Place some kind of support to make it less likely they’ll break or fall apart. Wrap the fragile items with bubble wrap – twice. For items that you want to keep from getting scratched, glassine is the best choice, but a little bit more expensive. In the end, if you need advice, you can always give us a call or hire our movers. 

preparing your items for international shipping
Before you start preparing your items for international shipping, you have to dust them off.

Choose wisely who you leave your items to

Packing is usually the most exhausting part of the moving process. It’s important that you start packing your items on time, but we can easily underestimate the workload. That’s why many people decide that they’d rather delegate that part of the process to movers – and if you don’t have time, you can delegate the packing process too! Handing over your items to trustworthy Newburyport moving companies will leave you with peace of mind. You won’t have additional stress wondering whether your items will be handled right! 

Preparing your items for international shipping doesn’t have to be done alone

Don’t forget that you can, and should in most cases, rely on the help of your friends and family. It’s only fair to ask for their help in advance, so they have enough time to adjust to your schedule and show up. Keep in mind that you want to invite people that will make preparing your items for international shipping easier, not harder. If someone you’re usually conflicting with comes, it might be counter-productive. Also, you shouldn’t have more than two or three people per room. Two is ideal because then it won’t be crowded, and everyone will be able to do their task, but they’ll also be able to ask other people for help when that’s needed.