How to store your Halloween decorations

Celebrating Halloween is over. Now when Halloween passed, you can’t keep your home decorated this way until Christmas comes. So, you need to pack and store your Halloween decorations in your garage or self-storage. For sure it will be another calendar year before you need these decorations. Or you might simply be preparing for a move post-Halloween. It still does not mean you have to throw all your Halloween decorations away. Despite the size and the location of your new home, your Halloween decorations can get safely to your new home. They could make your home amazing for the next holiday. Our movers Gloucester MA can handle the hardest parts of your move but also ensure your decoration is well protected for transportation.

Simple storage shortcuts to store your Halloween decorations

Moving your home right after Halloween passes is a task that requires organization. So, before you come to packing your clothes, dishes, and furniture pieces, make sure to dust and clean your home first. If you ask our movers Londonderry NH where to start when packing an entire household, they will suggest you clean your home first. If you have ever moved before then you know the rule is not to pack unclean items. Rules are the same when you have to store your Halloween decorations. Therefore, make sure to clean all your decorations. Dirty decorations could even attract bugs, germs, and similar vermin.

Halloween decorations
Save your decoration for next year’s holiday.

After you get rid of the dust, wipe your Halloween decorations. And then prepare clear kitchen wrap to protect your decoration pieces. Remember, if you take time to wrap and protect your decorations, you will not have to worry when the next Halloween comes.

Pay attention to fragile decorations in order to store your Halloween decorations trouble-free

It is not easy to prepare your bulky and fragile items for storage. As our Preferred Movers NH has professionals who know what to do to finish this task, they will share advice with you. Thus, if you have to store bulky, oversized, plastic trick-or-treat pumpkins, make sure to use them as additional storage. You can do this by nesting smaller items or decorations inside. It is not possible to pack and save your real pumpkin until next year, but you can save some of the most popular Halloween decorations. For instance, a skeleton is what can easily get damaged in a storage unit. Also, make sure to keep candles away from the dust.

How to store your Halloween decorations
Just because you are moving does not mean you need to get rid of your decorations.

Gather the proper supplies and materials

Did you remember to save the original packaging for your Halloween decorations? If you did, now you will be able to safely store them in no time. Having the original package for your Halloween decorations means knowing that nothing will get broken in the meanwhile. On the other hand, you can store your Halloween decorations in clear containers you can buy in Walmart so you can easily spot what is inside. If you have super scary decorations, then you can play a prank on your kids when they go get the Christmas decorations. Just make sure not to leave them in an opaque box.