How to Store Holiday Decorations in NH

Christmas trees, wreaths, artificial garlands, tinsel, and other holiday accents spread holiday cheer and keep everyone in a festive mood. However, the most tedious part of the holiday season is taking down and storing the decorations. It’s important to take your time with this. You should organize your decorations, and pack or store them in the proper containers to avoid tangles or damage. Another post-holiday must is finding the perfect unit for storage North Hampton NH has to offer so that your home isn’t left cluttered with heaps of ornaments lying around. Let’s go over how to store holiday decorations in NH in an organized, timely, and efficient manner.

Tips on How to Store Holiday Decorations in NH

First, you must take down and properly organize the holiday decorations before storing them. This way, you will keep them in perfect condition all year long. It also makes it simple to set them up for the following festive season. If you’re organized well, you’ll have a mental map of where everything should be and what condition it’s in. There are also state to state movers who can take care of all the moving tasks for you, from packing to transport, from storage to unpacking. Here are some tips storing holiday decorations in NH.

Moving boxes with Christmas lights around them
It is very important to know how to store holiday decorations in NH properly. It does take time, but it is worth it.

Take down the decorations and discard anything that can’t be used again

Remove the ornaments first, then group them in one spot. After that, sort the decorations you decide to keep and discard those that are broken, damaged, or otherwise unusable. For instance, you might get rid of any damaged decorations, broken lights, and other outdated pieces. You should consider donating any decorations rather than throwing them in the trash. However, holiday decorations are associated with many memories, so keep the ones you cherish the most.

Of course, if you are in the process of relocation, not even a short distance like moving to NH from MA is to underestimate when it comes to transferring your stuff, including your fragile holiday decorations.

Sort the decorations depending on the types and uses of the items

The next stage is to arrange the decorations according to their purpose after removing and getting rid of any that are no longer needed. Sort the ornaments into groups with their type in mind. You can divide them into wreaths, garlands, indoor and outdoor fairy lights, Christmas trees, ornaments, ornament holders, and general Christmas decor. This way, unpacking will be a breeze next year.

Detangle strands of string

Separate the string and strands rather than leaving them piled together. The lights will remain in perfect condition and untangling them will make unpacking much simpler. Wrapping the lights around solid objects like discarded aluminum foil or cling film rolls, metal or plastic rods, etc. is the best way to accomplish this. By doing this, you will keep them from tangling and also maintain the organized structure.

Sort the delicate items

To ensure they have been packaged properly, separate fragile holiday decorations like ceramic, beaded, and glass. Make sure you pack them accordingly and handle them with care. Some contain microscopic items that require particular caution when handling, such as glass bits or tiny light bulbs. Also, you can ask for help if this process is to tiring. There are many moving companies NH that can help you with storing your delicate items so you can avoid the hassle of DIY-ing this process.

Women surrounded by boxes talking about how to store holiday decorations in NH
Fragile holiday decorations like ceramic, beaded, glass, and string lights with glass bulbs need to be separated.

Put together all the boxes, storage units, and packing materials at once

After you remove and divide the holiday decorations into groups, you should arrange and prepare them for packing. You should now be able to get an idea of how many and what kind of storage bins and boxes you’ll need by looking at the various piles. For each of the arranged groupings, it is best to utilize a single storage box or container. Instead of cardboard boxes, you should choose plastic containers because you can easily reuse them year after year, and offer the finest protection against moisture and dust for your decorations. However, you might still use strong cardboard boxes if you don’t have enough money for plastic containers.

Make sure you have all the required packing supplies, such as packing tape, permanent marker, scotch tape, plastic bags, and box dividers before grouping the decorations according to their groupings. The entire packaging procedure will go much more smoothly and quickly if you assemble the required packaging materials, storage containers, boxes, and other items and it will be easy to store holiday decorations in NH.

Holiday decorations packing options

You can pack your Christmas decorations in a variety of ways, from cardboard boxes to specialized plastic containers. The option you choose for packing will depend on the types of decorations you have, the amount of storage space you have, and your preferences. It’s best to mix the packing strategies, figuring out what works best for your scenario. Choose what works for you and put a couple of your own packing hacks into practice. Here are the packing choices for seasonal decorations:

  • Specialty plastic containers
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Plastic boxes and containers
  • Garbage bags
  • Wreath bags
A woman wrapping something into paper
The option you choose for packing will depend on the types of decorations you have, the amount of storage space, and your preferences

Use These Easy Methods

After the holidays, there is no set time when you must begin taking down your decorations. Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to start removing them before they start to appear worn. When the holiday season comes around next year, decorating will be simple. You will be grateful that you took the time to carefully put away your holiday decoration and organized them. These tips on how to store holiday decorations in NH are quick, easy methods to organize decorations and start the holiday season on the right foot!