How to stage your home for a quick sale

Your main goal when selling a home is to make it look perfect for any potential buyers that come along. This is easily done through home staging. Staging is a method of decorating aimed at highlighting the best assets of your home. In addition, it helps buyers imagine themselves living there. If you stage your home for a quick sale the right way, it can be the key factor when it comes to sealing the dealing and selling your property. Before you stage your home for a quick sale and call movers Hampton NH, let’s look at some statistics. According to research done with real estate agents, 49% of buyers believe that staging a home has an effect on the buyers’ view of it. While 77% claim that the client can easily imagine themselves living there.

gray wooden house in nature
Staging a home helps boost its value and ensures a quicker sale

When it comes to selling agents, 21% reported that staging a home increases its market value between 6 and 10%. Just as well, 39% of agents note that it drastically decreases the time in which a property is sold. With that said, it makes sense for a seller to take a bit of effort and stage their home. Luckily, doing this often doesn’t require a lot of money. All you need are a few clever tricks, and you’ll be relocating to your new home with the help of movers Deerfield NH after a successful sale. To help you make a good and quick sale, we’ve put together a list of some useful staging tips. With it, you’ll be shaking hands and signing contracts before you know it!

Focus on the important rooms

When it comes to staging your home, it is important to remember that not all rooms are as important. What you want to do, is focus your attention on the rooms with the biggest potential to influence a buyer’s decision. According to the reports wе’ve mentioned previously, the most important rooms are the living room, the master bedroom, and the kitchen. These rooms are considered most important to the buyers and should receive the most focus when staging a home. Rooms with lesser importance, such as guest bedrooms and bathrooms, shouldn’t be your focus. You can, of course, tidy them up a bit, but don’t go out of your way to prepare them for visitors.

living room in a home staged for a quick sale
Spacious and bright rooms leave a great impression on buyers

Don’t forget to declutter before you stage your home for a quick sale

Clutter takes up a lot of precious space in your home. And when it comes to a good staging sale, space is what counts. What you need to do, is make your home look bigger and spacious, and thus, more desirable. You don’t have to permanently get rid of your things, however. It is enough to just pack them up and get them out of the house, preferably placing them in a secure storage unit. Take all of your un-seasonal clothes and put them away, because there’s no point to leave your winter coats hanging in the closet during the summer. Remove any decor, board games, and anything you don’t use on a regular basis. Your buyers will certainly go through your closets, opening them one by one to examine their storage potential. The less clutter you have in your home, the more appealing it will be to the buyers.

De-personalize the living space

One of the main goals during home staging is to help potential buyers imagine the living space as their own. This is done by doing your best to turn the house into a blank canvas. The home needs to have plenty of style and charm while being devoid of personal touches. You need to remove anything that suggests that the home belongs to someone else. Begin by removing any personal photos. Take down the framed photos from the walls and any mementos hanging from the fridge. This will help you move to your new home with the help of reliable NH movers quicker. Even though de-personalizing your home makes for a bit of awkward living, it’s worth it. And if you want to stage your home for a quick sale, it is a very important step. It helps visitors better connect with the property and visualize their own personal touch.

White home with a red roof
Decorating your front entrance leaves a great first impression on buyers

A good first impression goes a long way

The very first thing a potential buyer sees when walking up to your home is the front entrance. With that said, it is in your best interest to leave a strong first impression. Remove any seasonal decoration that you may have hanging from the door or standing on the porch. This can date the home and leave a bad impression both on pictures and in live viewings. If your home has a front stoop, give it a power wash or at least scrub any dirt off of it. A simple yet warm doormat and a few potted plants can add a touch of hominess to the porch, so long as the plants are in good condition and not wilted. If you keep the front space simple, yet welcoming, it will dazzle the buyers early and hint at more good things hiding inside the house.

Stage your home for a quick sale by going neutral

This tip may be a bit more on the expensive end, but it will work wonders if you want to stage your home for a quick sale. Even though bright and lively colors help people express themselves, they can be a turn-off for buyers. The best thing you can do when staging a home is to paint over any decorative color with a neutral layer, such as gray, white, or taupe. A fresh coat of paint is a clever upgrade that adds value to your home. Bold and vibrant colors can easily distract the eye from a room’s main assets. In addition, just like photos and other personal items, they represent the home’s past and not the future. Neutral colors allow potential buyers to add their own personal touch to the home if they ever desire to do so.