How to ship your car to another country?

Even though shipping a car abroad is a complicated process, the thing that you will have to worry about the most is the financial aspect of it. Complex procedures like lifting, crating, and transportation will be taken care of by your movers Gloucester MA. However, the expenses of overseas car shipping can sometimes surpass the value of the vehicle itself. Therefore, before you decide to ship your car to another country, you should find out a few things. First, how much money can you get if you decide to sell it? Second, how much does it cost to ship your car overseas? Finally, how much does a similar vehicle cost in your destination country? If, after answering these questions, you still want to carry your car with you, you should book good movers, obtain a few papers, and prepare your vehicle for transport.

To ship your car to another country you will need an experienced moving company

If your calculations showed you that shipping your car to another country is a good idea, your first step is to locate a reputable shipping company capable of accomplishing this. Unfortunately, not many moving companies can transport a vehicle abroad. So you will have to do some research to find a reputable company with experience. Long distance movers Massachusetts are one of those reputable companies with experience in shipping all kinds of items. Across the country and overseas both! If you want to transport a vehicle overseas, they are probably your best bet. Of course, you can always find other companies at least to compare prices.

A ship carrying cars
If you want to ship your car to another country you will need a good moving company.

Required paperwork when shipping your vehicle abroad

With any luck, you managed to book your desired movers to ship your car overseas. Now you have to deal with relocation paperwork required by US Customs. Luckily, a car shipping paperwork is nothing complicated. Here is what you will need:

  • A certificate of title or “pink slip” – When you want to ship your car to another country, you will have to prove that you are the owner. To prove your ownership you will need either an original certificate of title or its certified copy issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • A letter from your lien holder – Maybe there is a lien on your car. If there is, you will need to prepare the letter from the lien holder printed on original letterhead. It has to contain details like the holder’s signature, name and telephone number, car date, year, brand, model, and vehicle identification number (VIN). In addition, the letter must state that you have the authority to ship your car across the border.
  • Manufacturer’s statement of origin – If you are shipping a new car abroad, and your car has never been titled, you will need to prepare a manufacturer’s statement of origin. The customs will ask for an original and two copies that you can obtain from your car dealership.

Get marine insurance when you want to ship a car to another country

Besides papers required by customs, you should also obtain marine insurance. All carriers have some kind of coverage to protect the items they are transporting. However, it is minimal, and certainly not enough to cover the value of your vehicle.

A man signing a paper
Get marine insurance for your car.

Car preparations before shipping

If you prepared your paperwork, it is time to prepare the vehicle. First and foremost, you must know that you cannot transport your belongings inside the car. It can only contain items that are considered the part of a car. Those are usually a spare tire, tools that come with the car, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and maybe some other original accessories. Also, the carriers will usually not allow more than ¼ of the tank to be full. Finally, when you want to ship your car to another country, you must clean it thoroughly inside and out.