How to Save Money While Moving to NH

Moving to New Hampshire is always exciting. Whether you move for work, family, education, or other reasons, you will have a great adventure. Beautiful nature, an abundance of outdoor activities, and tranquility are just some of the things you will be lucky to enjoy. However, moving is not always as straightforward as we think. It brings many challenges and tasks to complete. Many people don’t have the privilege to move for free but have to deal with plenty of moving expenses. If you live far away from New Hampshire, maybe your relocation will be pricey, as well. Therefore, this is a good time to hire Preferred Movers NH to help you cut down on your moving costs. Professional movers will show you how to save money while moving to NH, and turn your relocation into an enjoyable experience.

How to save money while moving to NH?

New Hampshire is the 38th most affordable place in the state. However, some people say that costs in New Hampshire exceed their budget. Therefore, saving money during the move is important when you relocate to this place. There are many ways to save money during your relocation. If you are not sure how to do that, look at the list we have compiled for you:

  • Don’t pack everything
  • Reuse packing materials
  • Measure everything before the move
  • Don’t buy too much stuff
  • Ask for money return
  • Try to move on your own
  • Avoid the busy season
  • Look for discounts
  • Use storage
A young woman holding a box and thinking about how to save money while moving to NH
Once you learn how to save money while moving to NH, your relocation will become a memorable experience.

Declutter your home and remove excess items

New Hampshire has long, snowy winters, and hot, humid summers. Once you know this, you can pack your items faster. Bring some basic things first, such as coats and jackets if you are moving in winter, and swimsuits and rocking chairs if you go there in summer. For instance, NH is home to a beautiful town of Portsmouth, which is a famous destination to move to in summer, due to its maritime position. As a result, this is the perfect time to hire some of the movers Portsmouth NH recommends to help you get rid of excess items.

We know it is not easy to donate that old television set or sell your favorite piano that you used to play as a child. However, they will only occupy more space and increase your expenses if you rarely use them. Removing all unnecessary items will make you buy fewer boxes and packing supplies. Moreover, if you sell some things that are in good condition, you can even earn some money to cover at least some moving expenses.

Use your packing materials again

Packing materials can be expensive. Rather than buying new boxes and bubble wrap, use the ones you already have in your home. Kitchen towels, sheets, and newspapers are perfect for wrapping delicate items, and old baskets can hold books and toys. Another idea is to call movers Londonderry NH offers to help you find recycled materials or donate second-hand materials from their company.

Londonderry is the fourth-largest community in Rockingham County, and there are plenty of moving companies to choose from. Customers often return boxes, and movers can sell them to you at affordable prices, or even give them away. Moreover, move around the house and look for some moving boxes that are still in good condition, or visit some online websites. You would be surprised how many people are ready to donate or give up their packing materials.

Some cardboard boxes on the table
Using old materials will be more affordable than buying new ones. Instead of spending money on new boxes, move around the house and find some useful things

Don’t transport all the furniture to a new location

Having to load and transport your furniture may be pricey. Bulky items require a large moving truck and movers to handle everything for you. However, you can save some money if you don’t move every single piece of furniture to your new home. We’ve all heard the story about a couch that wouldn’t fit through the door, or a king-sized bed that won’t fit up the stairs. Don’t make the mistake of estimating without measuring. Instead, measure your larger fixtures, such as tables, sofas, and custom pieces, and consider how they fit into your new footprint. While some of the movers Bedford NH suggests are dealing with your moving technicalities, you can measure the dimensions of each room in your new place. The sooner you figure out what won’t fit, the easier it will be to determine what must go and what can stay.

In case you are planning to move to Bradford, you will find beautiful townhouses, condos, and apartments at affordable prices. Since these homes are smaller, you certainly don’t have room for all the bulky items you are planning to transport.

Buying too much stuff will not help you save money during the move

While the cost of living in NH is higher than in the rest of America, it is quite reasonable compared to nearby metro areas, such as Boston in Massachusetts, and Albany in New York. Salaries in New Hampshire are also lower, but the tax benefits are substantial, which makes it a place with some of the highest standards of living in the country. As a result, you need to cut down on spending while you are in the process of moving.

Ask some of the movers Dover NH offers to provide a discount and other benefits, so your relocation can be less pricey. Moreover, the city of Dover is a bit pricey to live in. It is 3 % more expensive than the national average. If you are moving to this part of NH, make sure you don’t buy unnecessary stuff.  In the meantime, buy only what you have to, and stop imagining decorations on your new table, and brand-new furniture. We know it is hard to resist decorating and visualizing, but the less money you spend now, the more you will have after the move.

A person using a Macbook and a credit card for shopping and thinking about how to save money while moving to NH
If you don’t know how to save money while moving to NH, the first thing you can do is stop buying unnecessary things during the move

Ask your moving company about the reimbursement

Plenty of movers Exeter NH recommends are ready to reimburse. This is a great way of saving money during the move to NH. Exeter is a beautiful historic town in Rockingham County with excellent schools, such as Phillips Exeter Academy and you will certainly need money for living here. If this is not clearly stated by the mover, you should ask a moving representative if they give compensation for relocation. You can return the unused boxes and other moving supplies, and lower your relocation costs. Moreover, your moving company may not include gas prices in your bill if your current location is not far from New Hampshire. In case you work in the military, you are eligible for a tax deduction and other benefits provided by a professional moving company. Movers in Exeter are always willing to provide the best relocation services and they are among the best movers in the area.

If you don’t know how to save money while moving to NH, avoid moving on your own!

Professional movers are expensive, but they can save you a lot of time and trouble by moving you quickly and efficiently. However, if you think you cannot afford to hire some of the best movers Nashua NH offers, think again. When you take everything into account, moving with the reliable movers is not only stress-free, but also more affordable. Moreover, you will have more time to enjoy a beautiful city of Nashua, as your movers will do all the tasks. You can go hiking, wildlife viewing, biking, boating, and enjoy your time in a wonderful environment.

Don’t forget that New Hampshire is 9.9 % more expensive that the national average. Groceries, housing, utilities, and health care are 15 % higher, but transportation is 2.8 % lower. Considering these numbers, it is clear that New Hampshire promotes high standards of living. Therefore, it will certainly mean a lot to have someone around who is willing to help you out.

Friends sitting on the stairs and thinking about how to save money while moving to NH
Always opt for professional movers, even when your friends can help you

Choose the best time for moving

New Hampshire has four seasons, but not each of them is good for moving. The best time to move to NH is spring and early fall. If possible, schedule your move with some of the movers Somersworth NH offers between April and June, and September and November. Somersworth is very pleasant in spring and autumn, wild mild temperatures and not a lot of rainfall. The temperatures usually vary from 17 degrees F to 81 degrees F, which is perfect for relocation. Not only will you avoid hot summer and freezing winter, but also you will not have to pay more during the busy peak season. As plenty of visitors rush to NH in July and August, some moving companies tend to charge more.

Moreover, avoid relocating around the holidays, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving Day. This is the time when movers tend to increase prices, not to mention how hard it is to find available companies. Although this is not entirely on you, do your best to schedule a move as soon as decide about it. Remember, first-minute offers are always the cheapest ones.

Shop around to get the best offers

If you are moving on a budget, find as many ways as you can to reduce your monthly spending. Moving is an excellent time to look for new cable or satellite providers in NH that offer a 12-month special. Moreover, if you already have an old piano or a pool table, this is not the best time to get new ones. Instead, hire some professional pool table movers NH offers, to safely transport your items to a new location, and find a person to fix them.

You will have plenty of time to buy new devices later and show off while throwing parties. In addition, make sure you cancel your TV and Internet services before you move, and check if any of your contracts have expired. New Hampshire has plenty of great offers, so check what suits you best. Be wary of any deals that sound too good to be true. Finally, you can always survive on your phone’s Wi-Fi for a start.

People walking on the street next to the sale sign
Looking for discounts and shopping for more affordable things can greatly help you during your relocation to NH

Use a storage unit

Storage units are becoming increasingly popular. They are the best choice if you have some items to remove while you are moving to your new home, and you will learn how to save money while moving to NH when using them. Driving long-distance multiple times just to transport all the items to a new location may be expensive and troublesome. Instead, getting one of the best storage North Hampton NH recommends is a much better option.

You can rent a storage unit at an affordable price and rest assured that everything is well-taken care of. Once you settle in your new place, you can always cancel the storage unit and take back your items. Talk with your local mover to recommend the best storage unit based on your needs. You can choose a long-term storage unit if you want to keep items for more than three months. On the other hand, a short-term storage unit is suitable for shorter periods.

Why do people choose to move to New Hampshire?

The Granite State, as the state of New Hampshire is also called, is located near the Canadian border and has a population of approximately 1.36 million people. From vast unspoiled forests and soaring mountains to bright bustling cities, it’s a small state with a big personality. As one of the original thirteen colonies, the state is rich in old-world charm, with historic towns and cities dotting the breathtaking landscape. Apart from wonderful nature, New Hampshire has cities, towns, and communities for everyone. Whether you want plenty of job opportunities and exciting nightlife, or you want to relax in the country and spend your days exploring nature, New Hampshire is a good choice. Some of the best cities to live in the state are Manchester, Hanover, Portsmouth, Concord, and Amherst.

A barn surrounded by beautiful nature
New Hampshire is truly an amazing place. You will enjoy this beauty once you decide to settle in this wonderful area

Moving to New Hampshire can be affordable and enjoyable

New Hampshire is a famous state and plenty of people go there as visitors or residents. However, moving to NH is expensive and challenging. If you need some help with how to save money while moving to NH, maybe you need to look for useful pieces of advice. Decluttering your home and removing excess items is the first step toward a more affordable relocation. Moreover, reusing packing materials, choosing the best time for a move, as well as moving on your own might also be helpful tips. Finally, renting a storage unit, and looking for discounts and affordable deals are things you can try as well. Whatever you do, your relocation to New Hampshire will certainly become adventurous. Therefore, stop thinking and start your relocation to one of the best states in the country today!