How To Safely Pack & Move Your Mirrors This Summer

Moving this summer? Use the beginning of the summer season to pack your belongings as the weather is milder, providing you with more comfortable conditions to sort through your belongings. As the summer goes on, the heat and humidity make it an arduous and overbearing task to pack belongings. Aside from better packing conditions, a head start on packing gives you more time to make sure your items are properly packed to avoid damage. With mirrors, they will require special care during the packing and transit process to ensure protection during the move. To avoid any nightmares or disasters during your move regarding your mirrors, follow these tips to move your mirrors between homes safely!

Use Strong Packing Materials to Wrap the Mirror

During the packing process, you may be tempted to use newspaper to wrap your belongings. While that is a good source of padding material for a move, using it for mirrors could be a mistake. Instead, opt for strong and sturdy packing paper as this paper will not rip during the course of the move. When packing a mirror, Use secure packing tape to draw a large X on the glass. This will keep the glass together in case it drops or shatters during the move. The tape will also keep the frame together if it is dropped or collides with hard surfaces in transit. If you are for extra protection for valuables, consider using cardboard when packing a mirror. Before using the packing paper, place a sheet of cardboard around the mirror for added padding. Cardboard is good at reducing the risk of cracks and scratches on the glass and frame during a move. 

Secure Edges

When it comes to packing valuables, such as mirrors, there is always an added fear of damage to these valuables if not properly packed with padding and coverage. For mirrors especially, you will need to secure the corners and edges as these areas will be vulnerable during a move. If you have a round mirror, you will want to wrap in bubble wrap over cardboard that will be on top of the glass part of the mirror. For most mirrors, however, they have sharp corners that are magnets to walls during a move. No matter how careful you can try to be, you may end up hitting the corners and damaging the piece. To avoid this, invest in corner protectors to prevent any chipping of the corners of your mirrors.

Label Clearly

With moving, you can never be too careful when it comes to packing mirrors, which is why we suggest you wrap all of your mirrors with cardboard, packing paper, bubble wrap, and then wrap the entirety with a layer of plastic wrap. As anything can happen during the transit of a move, you want to have a peace of mind that nothing will be broken when you finally unpack your items. The plastic wrap will protect the mirror from moisture which can lead to mold developing between the frame and glass. As with all packaged items during a move, you will want to label the plastic wrap layer of your mirror in large letters outlining “FRAGILE.” When it comes to using a moving service, you will want the movers to know clearly what items will need extra care during transit and packing the truck.